Sunday, 27 September 2015

15 Signs That You Are Blessed With a Great Boss

One of the most defining characters in an employee’s life is his/her boss. The boss can make or break an employee’s career. He/She plays an important role in molding the career of the staff working under him/her. Whatever the case may be, if you are blessed with an awesome boss, you can be rest assured that your career will be on the right path.

Here are 15 signs that confirms that you are lucky to work with a great boss
1       1.          Great listener
2.       Actively communicates with everyone
3.       Shows genuine concern for your professional as well as personal issues
4.       Acts as a mentor
5.       Does not micro manage
6.       Wholeheartedly appreciates your efforts
7.       Showcases your achievements within the team and with the senior management
8.       Takes full responsibility of you as well as the team’s mistakes
9.       Believes in receiving and giving critical feedback
10.   Creates a positive working environment
11.   Demonstrates strong leadership skills and has a clear vision
12.   Delegates work amongst his employees smartly
13.   Allows the employees to shine
14.   Stays calm even in crisis situation
15.   Motivates the employees and tries to bring out the best from them   

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Why should companies start focusing on creating integrated social media strategy?

In the past few years, it has been observed that most companies have joined the social media bandwagon to reach out to customers. Some are forced to do so, while some companies are effectively using social media and building strategies around it to further strengthen their relationship with their customers. Whatever the case may be, it has become essential to create an integrated social media strategy to cope with the changing times. Social media is still fickle and yet in infancy stage. So to adapt to this volatile medium, companies should focus on developing a strong social media strategy.

Social media can transform brands. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, and Google Plus are some of the most common platforms that companies are using to connect with their customers. It is not just about promoting your products, a new trend of integrating CRM with social media has emerged. Leading products are effectively utilizing social media to respond to consumer requests, feedback and companies. Though it can act as a two-edge sword, but companies are now willing to take the risk and build trust and confidence amongst its customers by reaching out to them instantly.

With social media strategy also getting integrated into the marketing strategy, companies should create a social media calendar which defines the activities to be performed on what platform. Whatever it is the strategy, company should focus on creating engaging and effective content. is one such organization that help companies build social media strategy and provides great content writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. If you wish to connect with your customers and create a strong integrated social media strategy, Kindly contact immediately.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How to promote your e-book?

Now that you have invested all your time and effort in developing your e-book, it is time to promote it too. Without promoting your e-book, your book will miss its audience. Hence, creating a promotion strategy is very important. E-book promotion is quite different from promoting regular print books. Here, we present you some cost effective promotional tools that can be extremely useful attractive more readers.

1.       Develop a social media strategy
Before you launch your e-book, create a website and a blog supporting your e-book. Create accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and start posting relevant content in line with the promotion of your e-book.

2.       Start blogging regularly
Develop a strong reader base. With content that attracts readers, you gain their trust and loyalty. Blogging can be time consuming, but it is great way to increase traffic to your website.

3.       Inviting reviews
Get in touch with popular websites, magazines and newsletters. Send an extract from your e-book or a chapter to the editors and request for a review in their respective medium of publication.

4.       Decide a launch date for your e-book
Avoid directly uploading e-books on various portals without declaring its launch. Decide a particular date to launch your e-book. Then develop strategies before the launch to promote it. It will create a curiosity amongst the readers regarding it. The buzz generated will definitely attract more readers.

5.       Give a chapter for free
Choose a chapter which carriers the essence of the book. Give readers a glimpse of your work and induce them to further know about it. This can be done by giving this particular chapter for free. provides one of the best e-book writing services in Dubai. Kindly get in touch with to know more.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Why is a Business Plan essential for Startups?

Whether you’re running a successful business or nurturing your start up, creating a business plan is extremely important. It serves as a guide and gives directions to your goals and objectives. But in the case of startups, it plays a vital role. It not only allows the startup to focus on its ultimate objective but also leads them in the right direction. While starting up, the founders are still toggling with different ideas and concepts. Business plans allow them to streamline their ideas and develop it.

Business plans are not just for the founders or the company. It is a key to raise funds from investors. Investors are interested to know the line of action created by the company as well as the expected ROI. Investors should be convinced of your capabilities just by glancing through your startup business plan. It should define the purpose of the company. Without mentioning the problems that you wish to address, your business plan is incomplete.

The following is the list of elements to be included in a business plan: 
  • Company purpose and objectives
  •   Problems addressed
  •  Solutions identified for the problem
  •  Market Research for the product or service
  •   Market Size
  •   Analysis of competitors
  •  Product or service
  •   Business Model
  •    The Management
  •    Financial Analysis

Every business plan is incomplete without these elements. Every section should be well researched and should give a clear picture of your business. The different strategies defined should be in line with the goals and objectives. is provides one of the best business plan writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. If you are budding startup and are planning to create a stunning business plan, please feel free to contact at any point of time. We will be glad to be a part of your success story.   

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Why have e-newsletters become a great marketing tool?

In recent times, most companies have started realizing the potential of sending e-newsletters to their clients. Content marketing is at its peak and businesses are exploiting its potential through e-newsletter. Earlier, physical distribution of newsletters were a trend which was successful to a great extent. But with the electronic medium taking over the world, distributing newsletters are no longer existent. With newsletters taking the electronic form, marketers across industries are exploring various options to effectively this marketing tool. Content is definitely the king and the most important element of the newsletter. But making the content useful to the consumer which in turn can accentuate sales is the main challenge for the marketer.

Another obstacle companies have to deal with is the possibility of the newsletter hitting the span folder instead of the inbox. Hence it extremely vital for you to gain the trust of the user and motivate him to tag you a reliable source. E-newsletters are also a great way of branding your company and its products. By making the newsletter interactive by adding a coupon or a sales discount, you can effectively engage your customer and motivate him to wait for your next newsletter. provides one of the best corporate writing services in Dubai. E-newsletter is one of the premium services offered at If you wish to engage with your customers with this unique marketing tool, kindly visit right away. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How to Format Your Thesis

Postgraduate thesis or dissertation could be one single most important document you fabricate in your entire career. While the original research you have done goes a long way in setting your fitness to get awarded with a post graduate degree, the presentation of your research in black and white can be a deal maker or deal breaker as well.

Hence, before you storm off to somehow finishing your paper, read along to learn some of the tips to format and submit your dissertation in a delicious way:
·         Good Font:
The thesis can be intense, in the sensory faculty that they usually go into hundreds of pages. Imagine if you were to go through such a document in an illegible font and in a size that is really uncomfortable to read, we really don’t think you would ever put yourselves through such an ordeal. The most standard thesis is written in Times New Roman, size 10 or 12 font.
·         Keep It Uniform:
Uniformity becomes kind of a big pot in a whopping piece of document like a post graduate thesis. Call up, whatever formatting style you adopt or have been prescribed, stick to it from the very start to the conclusion of the dissertation.
·         Arrange The Sources And Bibliography:
Probabilities are, by the time you are done assimilation every other supporting resources that you have employed in your research, the list of origins and references in going to run to tens of pages. In such event, it is perpetually recommended to keep path of all the references as you fail instead of casting them together in the closing. 
·         Educate Yourself About Plagiarism:

Plagiarism, even if somehow creeps into your thesis unintentionally, can cause havoc and can cost you your entire research. So before jumping into writing your dissertation, educate yourself as much as possible about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Why your business needs employee handbook?

Forming a medium for communication between the employer and the employee, an employee handbook presents the expectations set forth by the employer. It gives them crucial insight on what the company expects out of them. It also presents legal obligations and the rights of the employee. In short, it is an essential collateral to be given to be employee upon joining.

What does an employee handbook comprise of?

1. NDA: Employee handbooks usually consist of the NDA or the non-disclosure agreements on confidentiality and protection of information shared with the employee by the employer. Though it is not legal, it is wise to share such details.

2. Work schedules: New employees can find out about the work schedules followed by the company through the handbook. It gives out details on absences, leaves, and also, the flexibility to change shifts if required.

3. Compensation: Yes, this is one important section that every new employee never misses to read. It gives details on what the compensation structure is, the benefits and incentive programs offered, salary revision, bonuses, etc. It is supported by relevant labour law.

4. General Information: At the end, but not the least, the employee handbook gives out details on what the business is about, rules of employment policies, referral programs, database, leaves, resignation, relocation, transfer, probation, termination and also, job postings.

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

10 reasons why e-books better than printed books

With changing times, more people are opting for e-books instead of traditional printed books. E-book readers like Kindle has revolutionized the way people approach reading while it has also altered the reading habits of people. Whether it is novels or magazines, every medium has developed is electronic book.

But why are e-books better than printed books?

Here are 10 reasons why e-books are better.
1.       Cheaper than printed books
2.       Environment friendly since it saves paper
3.       Can be password printed and saved anywhere on your device as per your convenience
4.       Can be accessed on multiple devices- pc, mobile, tablet, laptop, e-reader
5.       Can be converted from text to audio
6.       Better option while travelling
7.       Can be instantly downloaded and accessed
8.       Takes up very little space on your device
9.       Synopsis can be read before buying an e-book
10.   More interactive and visual provides one of the best e-book writing services in Dubai. You have an awesome idea and intend to pin down your thoughts, is your perfect partner. We can help you create a compelling e-book and assist you to publish your very own e-book. Chat with our writers to know about it.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to Revamp your website from time to time

An outdated website is a sheer put off. No one likes to visit a website with obsolete design and outdated technology. Instead of driving traffic to your website, it will drive away your visitors. So it is extremely important to revamp your website from time to time to avoid any decline in traffic.

1.       Upgrade with latest technology
Websites needs to be integrated with latest technology. It should allow you to add blogs, social media, polls, video streaming etc which enhances the quality of the website.
2.       Create a new and sleek design
A beautifully created website attracts audience. A fresh design with good color scheme and images augments the creativity of the website. Designs change from time to time. Hence adapt unique trends that can make you stand out from the clutter of websites.
3.       Make it responsive
A desktop PC or a laptop is not the only medium for browsing. People extensively use their smart phones and tablets for browsing. Hence it is vital to make your website responsive so that the user can browse your website on any of the devices.
4.       Integrate keywords
Strategically placing keywords in your website can drive traffic without making any extra effort. This helps prospective visitors easily find you.
5.       Develop new and fresh content
Users want to read fresh and relevant content. Good quality content always have takers. Thus developing content that reader want to read should be a top priority. provides one of the best content writing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you are planning to revamp your website, feel free to content at any point of time. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Points to consider while drafting a business proposal

RESEARCH - A thorough research about the market, your offerings and most importantly who else is serving your customers is important. Highlighting your own progress and elaborating your future plans enhances the chances of receiving a positive response.

CUSTOMER IS THE KING: It is very important for you to know your customer. Your business proposal will only appeal if you know what your customer wants and give them what they seek. In today's world, you should be able to satisfy your customer and most importantly your business proposal should make sense to him.

TRANSPARENCY IS THE KEY: This is one of the vital aspects of your business. You should maintain transparency regarding the pros and cons of the business. They just don't read the proposal but they have various questions in mind about it. Hiding any key data will not be good for long run.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR USP: Every business runs on a special USP. It is necessary to highlight your service offerings and explain why you stand out from the crowd. All points that differentiate you from your competitors should be expressed. 

ACTION: A business proposal should also include steps to be taken to execute the plan successfully. An action plan gives a fair idea whether the business is headed in the right direction or not. provides one of the best business proposal writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. To create an excellent business proposal, kindly contact right away.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Why should e-retailers create enticing product descriptions?

An online shopper often stumbles upon products with poor product descriptions. A poorly written product description makes it extremely difficult for the potential customer to make a purchase decision. Many online retailers are witnessing drop in sales just due to bad product descriptions. Due to this, companies are now realizing the importance of product descriptions and their direct impact on sales.

Creating engaging content helps the consumers connect with the product. While crafting the product description, it is also very important to know you audience. It needs to be drafted as per the likes and tastes of your target consumer. Content should also reveal only the facts and no false claims should be tagged along. Providing wrong information can not only harm the reputation of your brand, but can make you lose out on a returning customer.

Providing accurate, detailed and engaging information which can accentuate consumer’s interest in the product and induce the customer to buy the product is essential. Creating a story around the product can also be an interesting way of appealing the customer.

Investing time on creating attractive product descriptions is extremely vital for online companies.
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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tips to write a good press release

A press release is a compelling public alert about product releases, events or other extraordinary company produces. It is a smart way to keep the industry well-versed of your company’s cutting-edge developments. To begin with, the headline of the press release is very important. The headline should be appealing as well as accurate. Beating around the bush can prove to be a major downfall for the press release as it would stop the public from flipping the page.

It is also imperative that the press release is grammatically correct. Repeated proofreading is a must to achieve perfection. Information provided must be as crisp and condensed. The release must be kept short, simple and smart. A page or two is the ideal limit for a press release. Relating with the audience is the key to a smart press release. The company’s contact information must be included at the end which gives the reader the liberty to contact the company freely to enquire more about the release. Good press releases have the facts along with coherent presentation. provides one of the best press writing services in Dubai. Kindly get in touch to know more.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

How to create a good business profile?

A business profile is an extension of your business plan. It is a like a CV for your company which gives detailed information about the company in just one look. But how to make a flawless business profile?

Here you go…
1.       Start with researching on existing business profiles
Conduct a small research on the competitor’s business profiles so that you get a fair idea of what information is expected.
2.       Make a list of core characteristics of the company
Jot down the mission, vision, objectives, nature and history of the company. The profile should reflect the personality of the company.
3.       Choose a writing style depending on the nature of the company
The nature of every company is different. Choose a writing style and tone that matches the nature of your company.
4.       Describe your product characteristics and features
Start with a short brief about the market and then list the product and its characteristics. Include features that stand out so as to grab instant attention.
5.       Simplify the write up
Avoid using technical jargons. Try to keep the information simple and easy to understand.
6.       Do not skip key information
Financial data, growth estimates and recent profits should be included in the business profile.
7.       List key personnel involved with the company
Mention the details of the founders, president and other key personnel involved with the business. provides one of the business profile writing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you wish to create an excellent business profile, contact right away.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

SEO Writing – What is it and how should it be done?

Known for optimization of online businesses to draw in more traffic and lead to increase in sales, SEO has transformed the way content is written these days. The ranking of your website is based majorly on its SEO – this is true in almost 85% of the cases. Below are few points on how SEO is perceived and also, how marketers seek to gain knowledge on it.

1. The KW Search
Yes, keyword is the heart of SEO and your content is incomplete if it doesn’t have good and sufficient number of keywords. The KW are basically the search terms or phrases used by people while searching online. While you cannot get into the mind of the people browsing the web, you can definitely identify the pattern and utilize it to develop quality KWs.

2. Networking Data
People utilize social media websites to an extent that is quite unbelievable. This utilization is targeted by marketers by studying them through the way they like, unlike, share or bookmark something online.

To succeed, you need to be smart and also, active to understand your target market. SEO content writing is all about what your target market wants to read, their habit of using Google and the way they search for things online. This is the key to success.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Importance of writing a Business Proposal

The intention behind writing a business proposal is to influence possible patrons to acquire a particular service or product. Every client before biding for a project shows interest to read each of the proposals in search for the best one. It’s likely that your proposal may also go unwelcomed, as many are; but if it has the capability to grab the attention of the client, you win.

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