Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Why SEO Writing Matters for Your Website

Did you that according to a study published by Search Engine Journal, the clickthrough rate for websites that are located on page 1 the moment you do a google search or use any other search engine have a 25% chance of being opened by a prospective client. This number suddenly falls to only 15% for any other websites that are located on page 2, which unfortunately tumbles down to a measly 2.5% for websites on page 10. The scariest thing for any business owner, marketer, or organization trying to reach a wider audience on the internet is that very few people ever wonder beyond the first page. In fact, only 1 in every 10 people has the audacity to click next so that their search engine opens the second page.

So how does this affect your business?

It simply means that all your content writing, online presence, content marketing, and overall digital presence is most likely in vain as customers and web visitors will struggle to see your brand whenever you’re located beyond the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

And the fewer the visits to your site, the fewer the opportunities to generate leads, and ultimately, revenue. This becomes a vicious cycle if you’re not careful to see that your content writing needs tweaking so that it can become SEO-friendly. 

That’s why we encourage individuals and corporates to get the best content writing and content management services in the UAE. You need professional content writers and SEO specialists to assist you to have a result-yielding content strategy that’ll give you a better return on investment.  Writing specialists will help you with link building, and evaluation of potential resources so that your website gradually begins to accrue organic searches – which are those searches that come naturally without the need for paid adverts. 

Remember, the key element of search engine optimization is share-worthy content. Any skilled SEO writer who’ll write awesome content for your web pages, and meta-descriptions will also have a clear idea of how the pieces fit together. In other words, experienced professional writers will thoroughly understand how each piece of content will affect the search engines' rankings and the overall user experience. That’s why it’s important for you to invest in your organization’s SEO by getting the services of professional writers.

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Monday, 18 April 2022

Give A Breath of Life to Your Company Profile

Have you ever grabbed a company profile at a building lobby or at the reception and quickly dropped it for one reason or the other? It could be poorly written, too complicated for the ordinary stakeholder, or it’s just incoherent for anyone to really understand what the company is all about?

Your company profile is your company’s brand
Many people seem to overlook one key detail, a company profile is there to show investors and stakeholders the value of a company, along with its mission, goals, and performance. W
hen looking for a corporate writer in Dubai, look for one who shows an understanding of what to include in your company profile. Search for a professional writer who compiles error-free content, one who uses simple but formal language and writes a profile that engages readers and promotes your company's image.

 The contemporary company profile does not just require a professionally designed company logo, the history of your organization, and a products list. It requires additional details that are in sync with modern trends such as your social media links, a website address that redirects stakeholders to a professionally written and designed website, you can also add an icon or link to your YouTube channel that will have podcasts, videos, and other instructional documents that help show a better picture of what your company is all about.

 Always remember to include the numbers of what you’ve achieved in your company profile as it draws attention. Make your company profile more humane and show the narrative side of your organization’s growth over the years, not forgetting that you need to include how your company has been doing or is planning to do when it comes to corporate social responsibility. All this requires professional writers who will be readily available should any adjustments be required during the drafting of the company profile. In all that you’ll do, remember the following tips for your company profile:

  •  Keep it Simple
  •  Tell An Inspiring Story
  •  Add figures to show your company’s growth
  •  Get professional writers to compile, proofread, and edit the profile before publishing

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