Saturday 13 April 2024

Become an author in UAE! - Best Ghost Writing Services in the UAE

No one in the modern world can prioritize their unfulfilled goals over their obligations. Although many people aspire to write and get recognition as authors, ghostwriters in Dubai are the best option for those who want to write but lack the time or who have stories and ideas to share but don't know how to put them on paper.

Ghostwriters are in great demand because of the increasing popularity of eBook publications. Most individuals think it's excellent to hire an eBook writing service to finish their work quickly and under their names since they want to publish their books or content but need more time because writing a decent novel might take years.

Importance of Dubai's ghost writing Services

Our ghostwriters aim to pique readers' interest in the books of the attributed author by crafting interesting, unique, and innovative articles for magazines and websites. Because our principles align with people's goals and passion for reading, we now work with great ghostwriters.

Our Story is Your Story.

A skilled writer who can assist you with language, concepts, and even words is known as a ghostwriter. They will provide you with the tools to express your ideas orally without taking credit or ownership. You can therefore use your name to post the article.

Individual Methods

We promise to use a customized strategy because we recognize that every project at writers. ae is unique. A dedicated ghostwriter who will communicate with you at every stage of the process is part of our specialist professional copywriting services. If you want to write a book about autobiographies, children's literature, history, or economics, hire our ghostwriter services.


Your ideas, finished work, and privacy are protected by a formal non-disclosure agreement. Our agreement states that you will own the completed book and all sales proceeds. Writer. ae wants to guarantee that you are in complete control of your book. We place great importance on your privacy.

Benefits of using us for ghost writing

Authors that fit a certain position

Your main priority should be to locate a qualified writer. With us, your search can come to an end. We employ a large number of writers, all with different skills. They have the training and expertise to provide material that will appeal to clients in your industry and satisfy your target market.

Content is entirely our responsibility.

If you decide on us, you won't have any trouble keeping the job updated every day. Once you share your ideas with one of our ghostwriters, they will handle every detail, from content creation to publication. Experts will polish the information, particularly if you have any doubts about any of its subtleties.

Monday 8 April 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Company Profile

 A chance to showcase your brand's genuine essence is presented in a company profile. It is your opportunity to highlight your business's advantages and make a lasting impression on your audience. The company's identity, mission, and noteworthy successes should all be reflected in the profile. Depending on the type of organization, a company profile's format and length might change. A succinct two-page summary summarizing the essential elements of the business may be adequate for recent start-ups. On the other side, well-established businesses could include extra sections highlighting their accomplishments, such as certifications, accolades, and a sizable customer portfolio. Let’s look at some tips to prepare a good company profile.

Tell your origin story- People love to hear how companies got started, no matter how long (or not long) ago it was. Telling your origin story humanizes you and shows the roots of your company. Talk about all the people who came together to make your company happen. 

Use Multimedia- If a photo is worth one thousand words, then a video is worth one million. You want your company profile to be engaging and one way to make this happen is by adding videos. Instead of having long stretches of texts, post a video that answers questions about your company. Take frequently asked questions that you get from family and friends about your company and answer them in a video. Adding an audio podcast where you explain a different facet of your company could also be a good idea. The more types of storytelling you use, the more chance you’ll have someone interact with one of them. 

Showcase your employees- Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, you couldn’t have a business. Feature them in your company profile by adding a “meet the team” section. Take an afternoon and hire someone to take professional corporate pictures of your employees at work. Depending on the vibe you want to give off, your employee pictures can be serious or full of personality. It’s important you put faces to your company, so people know who they’re doing business with.

Tell BTS stories

People love to see what happens behind the scenes at a company. Create a video showing how your company runs day-to-day. Give a tour of your office or workspace. Explain how you make your product or conduct your services. The more open you are about how you do things; the more people are likely to trust you.

Tell Testimonials

It’s important you include reviews in your company profile to show what the public thinks of your product or service. Including reviews makes you look more trustworthy. Obviously, you think your company is great, but including what the public thinks shows that you hold up to scrutiny. You can embed reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, or whatever website your company is posted on. 

Client Portfolio

If possible, you can include a list of the prominent clients or customers you have served and highlight any major partnerships. You can add testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers to build trust and confidence in your company's ability to deliver quality products or services.

Friday 29 March 2024

Get your ATS-friendly CV from Writers. ae and get placed in the Top Organizations

To screen job applications, many firms use automated methods. Hiring managers may reject your CV before they ever see it if it is submitted without adhering to applicant tracking system (ATS) rules. Utilizing actual job advertisements as a benchmark, our applicant tracking system (ATS) evaluates your CV and provides recommendations on how to tailor it to each employer's hiring process.

Emphasize the Correct Capabilities

By analyzing your resume and comparing it to the job posting you wish to apply for, Writers Resume Scanner leverages artificial intelligence (AI). When the recruiter and hiring manager weed out candidates, you'll see the precise abilities and background they're seeking in applicants. Similar occupations demand distinct requirements and needs from different firms. For every job you apply for, Jobscan helps you ensure that your resume emphasizes your most relevant experience and talents.

Obtain Professional Opinion on Formatting and Optimal Procedures

Using Writers, you can receive customized resume writing advice based on industry best practices. Our program was developed with feedback from actual, qualified recruiters. In other words, you receive knowledgeable and trustworthy advice on how to showcase your qualifications and expertise to hiring managers and recruiters.

Add pertinent keywords

ATS optimization relies heavily on keywords. Examine the job description thoroughly and note the terms and phrases that are most pertinent to the position to improve your chances of passing the ATS screening procedure.

Naturally include these terms into your resume, paying particular attention to the parts on work experience, professional overview, and skills. But refrain from overloading your resume with keywords; this will make it harder for human reviewers to read your resume.

Highlight achievements and measurable outcomes

When summarizing your work history, pay particular attention to your accomplishments and measurable outcomes. The accomplishments you have that specifically highlight your talents and abilities are what ATS systems look for in addition to keywords. Describe the contributions you made in your prior employment using bullet points rather than just a list of duties.

Make sure your CV is unique for every application.

For every job you apply for, make sure your resume is tailored to the particular criteria of the position. You can improve your chances of passing the ATS screening and making a lasting impression on the hiring manager by using pertinent keywords and rearranging the emphasis on specific experiences or skills.

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Why should you choose writers. ae for Corporate Writing Services in the UAE

Having a trustworthy partner who can provide outstanding material customized to your unique requirements is essential in the dynamic realm of professional and academic writing. Corporate writing, academic writing, and co-writing are just a few of the many services provided by Writers. ae, the top writing platform established in the United Arab Emirates.

Writers. ae is a platform that stands out for people and businesses looking for exceptional written content because of its staff of highly trained writers, dedication to quality, and customer-centric attitude. We shall examine the factors that make Writers. the ideal option for all of your writing needs in this article.

·       Proficiency in a range of literary genres

A group of experienced writers with proficiency in a wide range of writing genres is available at Writers. ae. They provide corporate content for marketing materials, academic papers for research projects or dissertations, website copy, reports, and novels and articles, as well as co-writing services. The platform's authors are very skilled in a variety of writing philosophies and can modify their work to achieve excellent results that precisely match your needs.

Specialized remedies to meet a range of needs

Each client has different needs and Writers. ae is aware of this. Every project gets the attention it deserves thanks to the platform's customized solutions for a range of writing needs. Writers. ae provides individualized solutions that meet your objectives and expectations, whether you need clear and compelling corporate writing, disciplined and academically sound papers, or engrossing ghostwritten pieces.

·        Simple and easy-to-use procedure

It is a simple and easy experience to work with Writers. ae. Project management and communication are made easier by the platform's user-friendly design and streamlined procedure. You may reach Writers. ae's committed customer support team via phone, regardless of whether you need to discuss revisions, have particular directions to provide, or simply want to know how your project is coming along. Their quick thinking and attentiveness guarantee a seamless working relationship from the beginning to the end.

·        Feedback from clients and level of happiness

The lengthy number of happy customers at Writers. ae makes them proud. As evidence of its dedication to client happiness, the platform has accumulated a large number of endorsements and favorable evaluations. You become a part of a community of people and businesses that have used Writers. ae and have benefited from its outstanding quality and professionalism.

Monday 25 March 2024

Craft your flawless resume with Writers. ae

 In this competitive world, where a lot of people strive to get the best job opportunities, for them, our excellent CV writing service is a boon. It not only elevates the quality of your CV but also opens the gateway to success. It’s an important document which comes first in the contact of the recruiter before you interact. So, to make a good first impression on the recruiter or the employer, you can avail the Best CV Writing Services Dubai which can spotlight your key skills, achievements etc. at affordable charges.

Benefits of a CV written by a professional

There are numerous benefits of a CV which is written by an expert or professional. Our skilled and trained experts have the expertise to write excellent resumes which are free from errors. You won’t find any language issues or grammatical errors in your CV. Other benefits of a professional written CV are-

Free from errors or mistakes

If a professional lends his hand to CV writing, then it does wonder. You won’t find any language issues or grammatical errors in your CV. Even a small spelling error may cut a sorry figure in front of the recruiter and you may lose a good opportunity but hiring our Resume Writers in Dubai will make you unfazed. You won’t find a single error in our work.

Increases the chances of hiring

Indubitably, your well-written CV makes you stand out where there is a large queue of candidates looking for the same job. You know, nobody wants to read a monotonous and lengthy CV where there is nothing highlighted. Our professional writers are quite expert in making eye-catching CVs which really tends the recruiter to look once more and thus increases the chance of your hiring.

Spotlights your experience and achievements

A candidate’s experience in the previous company counts a lot. It shows how well you manage your workforce and maintain a healthy relationship with your employees. But when a recruiter searches for a better candidate, he doesn’t have time to interact with you. Your impactful CV does a lot of work. It becomes impactful because of our skilled Best CV Writers in Dubai who put their hard work into highlighting your experience as well as your achievements.

Writers. ae expertise saves your precious time

A job seeker can save a lot of time if he gets his CV crafted by a professional. You know getting the right job opportunity becomes a tedious job when your resume is not properly crafted. If you want to design it yourself, it may have errors or doesn’t meet the standards. An expert has the experience and all the skills that help make the resume presentable.


 You know that a recruiter doesn’t have time to go through the whole CV if it’s not interesting. The beginning lines or heading play a significant role in grasping the employer’s attention. So, if you want a well-polished and plagiarism-free resume then look at Writers. ae which is one of the Top CV Writing Companies in Dubai.

Quality service at an affordable price

We provide our top-notch resume writing services to our customers at a cost-effective. There are many types of candidates, it may be a student or a job seeker, who can’t pay a heavy amount for CV writing services as he is unemployed. So, be unfazed and avail our services as we offer our services at a low cost.

Tuesday 19 March 2024

PhD Thesis Writing Tips That Will Help You Graduate on Time

 Completing a PhD course is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling pursuits for academics. Recently, however, a new term arose: ABD (“All but Dissertation”). ABD refers to students who have completed their coursework and passed the exam but have yet to complete and defend their theses. Indeed, ABD students are more common than previously thought. The PhD Completion Project revealed that the ten-year cumulative completion rate for PhD students ranges from 64% (engineering) to 49% (humanities). While not all students advance to the doctoral writing stage before dropping out, a significant portion do, based on these numbers. Leaving graduate school without finishing your thesis has psychological and occupational consequences. Completing your thesis on time is, therefore, essential for career advancement and personal growth.

Important Assignments for a timely PhD completion

It's not as hard as it seems to finish your doctoral thesis on schedule. Even though a lot of students will be stressed for time, you can still finish your studies if you use a little creativity.

·         First, confirm that you fulfill all of your institution's PhD criteria. Never assume anything without first verifying with your boss and your organization. You may avoid a great deal of tension and lost time by doing this.

·         Take things in perspective. Although it is doubtful that your peers will read your thesis, they will probably read the journals and papers that come from it.

·         Despite popular belief, you should write your introduction last. For your thesis to be successful, it must be divided into several phases.

·         Similarly, your conclusion should be written last. Learn how to use project management tools like Trello. Get a laser printer of your own. You won't have to run somewhere else to get your drafts printed thanks to this. You'll save money and time by doing this.

·         Obtain comments on the thesis from beginning to end. It's acceptable to receive input on particular chapters, but you should try to gather comments on the entire piece.

Organizing and Composing the Thesis

One approach to make sure you really accomplish a task is to break it down into manageable parts. You may use a variety of strategies to assist you along the road, such the 25-minute academic writing Pomodoro. It's true that writing your thesis requires more effort than actually conducting the study, but it's never impossible. Positivity and the appropriate resources at your disposal will help you complete your PhD on schedule. A to-do list for getting ready for graduation day is provided below.

·         Write up your research design and proposal.

·         Obtain IRB approval

·         preliminary investigation

·         assemble facts and data for your research

·         Review your data.

·         Write till you run out of words. Try to write for at least half an hour each day.

·         Justify your thesis.

·         Finish

It is quite feasible to finish your PhD paper on time. Acquiring knowledge of the ins and outs of the field might assist you in beginning your academic career.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

How to Write a CV That Stands Out?

 An important step in the job application process is creating a resume, which is the first thing a potential employer looks at to decide whether to schedule an interview and then hire you. Keep in mind that employers sometimes don't have much time to fulfill this obligation. Creating a compelling Resume is essential! Resumes give a glimpse into your personality and accomplishments. They could be the only thing an employer looks at when deciding whether to proceed with your application or they might be utilized in addition to materials like a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and/or professional networking profiles. When a resume is written wisely, succinctly, and successfully communicates your skills and capabilities, it "stands out" in a good manner.

Here are some expert tips to make your resume stand out and enhance your chances of getting noticed in a high rush.

Understand your company

Examine the job posting and the firm website before starting to write your CV. Think everything over thoroughly before deciding what to include. Pay attention to the company's culture, the keywords you wish to use, and the expectations for this position.

Tailor your Resume

Make sure to give top priority to work experience that demonstrates relevant qualifications. The hiring manager of a newspaper would be more interested in learning about your experience as a college reporter than as a babysitter if you were looking for a reporting position. Only list relevant jobs that demonstrate to a potential employer that you are aware of their requirements.

Write a summary or objective

Every day, recruiters go through a lot of resumes. Employing managers are more likely to notice your resume than others if it has a header and summary or objective. Ensure that your name appears at the top of the header when adding one. Increase the text size a bit if there is room. Provide your phone number, email address, and address (or simply the city and state). Provide the recruiting manager with your contact details so they may get in touch with you. Put a summary or goal right below your heading. A three-sentence synopsis that highlights your pertinent experience and abilities should be included. Your professional aim and the abilities you may provide the firm are explained in your objective.

Professional formatting

The way a resume is formatted and looks can have a big impact on the reaction. Getting the employer to read the resume is the first challenge for each applicant. A recruiter can quickly review a CV that is well-presented and brief. However, if a resume is five pages long and printed in a 6-point font, a potential employer could decide it's not worth the effort to get a magnifying glass and peruse it. A resume should ideally consist of a few main components that are well-defined and separated from one another. It should not be more than one page (occasionally two pages, particularly for more experienced individuals or in scientific and technical sectors where publication lists might be substantial).

Keep it concise

While a resume can be two pages, most should be just one. This is often the case for entry-level candidates with minimal experience. As you draft your resume, make sure you’re only including information that could help you stand out against the competition. Avoid redundancy and fluff.