Friday, 13 May 2022

How to write a convincing Tender Bid

Have you just seen an Invitation to Tender and now think that your company is in a position to meet the requirements listed in the Request for Proposal? 

Once you’ve got that feeling within you then it means maybe you’re already thinking of trying your luck by submitting your tender bid. Yet, the tendering process can be very complicated, time-consuming, and can include so many intricate details which need to be addressed if your company is to stand any chance of being considered against a background where so many other deserving competitors are willing to grab the available tender opportunity.

As the best tender writing company in the UAE, we’re aware of some routines that should be done before you even put pen to paper and commit to bidding for a tender.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve fully understood the specific challenges the project owner is facing, and exactly what kind of solutions they’re looking for. You need to have copies of the RFP and read through all of the shared tender documents they’ve provided. You need to get a clear picture of the scope of the project and you can even confirm with the project owner on anything you’re unsure of by professionally sending a list of questions. This can be easily done via an online forum, or better still, directly via a phone call or email.

Once you have an in-depth understanding of what’s really important to the project owner, you can now start to write your tender document. You need to have an experienced team of bid writers that can craft a compelling document for your company.  Expert tender writers will ensure your company highlights the areas where your skills, experience, and technical know-how lines up perfectly with what the project owners require from a bidder.

Remember, you need to show how your company will be in a sound position to complete the task at hand without the risk of failure– thus you need to show what value you’ll bring to the project, what is the track record your company has, what expertise you have in your team, and how will there be a true partnership between your organization and the project owner that’ll result in a successful venture.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Why SEO Writing Matters for Your Website

Did you that according to a study published by Search Engine Journal, the clickthrough rate for websites that are located on page 1 the moment you do a google search or use any other search engine have a 25% chance of being opened by a prospective client. This number suddenly falls to only 15% for any other websites that are located on page 2, which unfortunately tumbles down to a measly 2.5% for websites on page 10. The scariest thing for any business owner, marketer, or organization trying to reach a wider audience on the internet is that very few people ever wonder beyond the first page. In fact, only 1 in every 10 people has the audacity to click next so that their search engine opens the second page.

So how does this affect your business?

It simply means that all your content writing, online presence, content marketing, and overall digital presence is most likely in vain as customers and web visitors will struggle to see your brand whenever you’re located beyond the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

And the fewer the visits to your site, the fewer the opportunities to generate leads, and ultimately, revenue. This becomes a vicious cycle if you’re not careful to see that your content writing needs tweaking so that it can become SEO-friendly. 

That’s why we encourage individuals and corporates to get the best content writing and content management services in the UAE. You need professional content writers and SEO specialists to assist you to have a result-yielding content strategy that’ll give you a better return on investment.  Writing specialists will help you with link building, and evaluation of potential resources so that your website gradually begins to accrue organic searches – which are those searches that come naturally without the need for paid adverts. 

Remember, the key element of search engine optimization is share-worthy content. Any skilled SEO writer who’ll write awesome content for your web pages, and meta-descriptions will also have a clear idea of how the pieces fit together. In other words, experienced professional writers will thoroughly understand how each piece of content will affect the search engines' rankings and the overall user experience. That’s why it’s important for you to invest in your organization’s SEO by getting the services of professional writers.

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Monday, 18 April 2022

Give A Breath of Life to Your Company Profile

Have you ever grabbed a company profile at a building lobby or at the reception and quickly dropped it for one reason or the other? It could be poorly written, too complicated for the ordinary stakeholder, or it’s just incoherent for anyone to really understand what the company is all about?

Your company profile is your company’s brand
Many people seem to overlook one key detail, a company profile is there to show investors and stakeholders the value of a company, along with its mission, goals, and performance. W
hen looking for a corporate writer in Dubai, look for one who shows an understanding of what to include in your company profile. Search for a professional writer who compiles error-free content, one who uses simple but formal language and writes a profile that engages readers and promotes your company's image.

 The contemporary company profile does not just require a professionally designed company logo, the history of your organization, and a products list. It requires additional details that are in sync with modern trends such as your social media links, a website address that redirects stakeholders to a professionally written and designed website, you can also add an icon or link to your YouTube channel that will have podcasts, videos, and other instructional documents that help show a better picture of what your company is all about.

 Always remember to include the numbers of what you’ve achieved in your company profile as it draws attention. Make your company profile more humane and show the narrative side of your organization’s growth over the years, not forgetting that you need to include how your company has been doing or is planning to do when it comes to corporate social responsibility. All this requires professional writers who will be readily available should any adjustments be required during the drafting of the company profile. In all that you’ll do, remember the following tips for your company profile:

  •  Keep it Simple
  •  Tell An Inspiring Story
  •  Add figures to show your company’s growth
  •  Get professional writers to compile, proofread, and edit the profile before publishing

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Monday, 14 February 2022

How to write an SEO-Compliant Article (056 917 3311)

It is 2020, the world has been hit by the Covid pandemic. Going outside is suddenly very scary, and people are advised to stay indoors at all times. No restaurants, no parks and certainly no theaters. All people can do now is sit at home and wait for things to get better. So, what do they do to get through the day? Screens. We are surrounded by screens. Everyone has a smartphone and most importantly, everyone is hopping onto the internet. It is not a surprise that digital marketing is the best method to promote products right now. SEO techniques and White-Hat Link Building are some concepts that drive digital marketing forward.

Search-Engine Optimization is a method to optimize a website’s growth through certain keywords, shareable links, etc. to make the website easier to find, more relevant and therefore more popular.

Using Keywords

To understand how to promote your website through SEO, the first step is to understand the perspective of a layman. Predicting what someone might search for in the search box when he/she is looking for a product/service and inputting those same “keywords” in an article posted on the website can make all the difference. Search engines function in a way where they look for websites or posts that contain the same words typed by the people and display those websites in order of relevance. The better the keyword-match, the higher they appear in the search. This is the best way to increase traffic on the website.

Using keywords like ‘World’s Best’, ‘First’, ‘Largest’, ‘Cheapest’ can really help boost the SEO and make the websites more relevant because at the end of the day, everyone tries to look for the “best” options available (no pun intended). Be aware to not use too many keywords as ends up having a reverse effect on the SEO.


Using a Relevant Title, Meta-Description & URLs

The title is the main hook for the reader, which when written effectively, can reel him/her in. A similar theory works for SEOs as well. If the article is clear, concise and relevant, it helps enhance the SEO. Pair the title with an appropriate meta-description and you have got yourself a big hit. Meta description is the information displayed along with the title when the search engine retrieves the search results. The URLs of a webpage play an equally important role in the SEO. Having a URL that is accurate and describes the content/title of the article can really help boost the page visits. If all of this and the content itself is SEO-friendly (as per the norms), nothing can stop the website for getting constant high traffic.


Getting the Article/Webpage to load faster

 This may seem surprising, but webpage load times play a massive role in keeping the website SEO-friendly. If the webpage does not load fast enough, the Search engine will not consider in its high ranked searches. The focus is to make the user experience as seamless as possible and search engines like Google need the pages to load as quickly as possible. Webpages can be made to load faster by optimizing images, compressing data, not having any redirects etc. Search engines reward webpages with lower load times. If your webpage loads within 2 seconds or less, it is good to go and Google will rank it higher than a webpage that takes a relatively longer time to load.


Using Links that are Credible

Using more and more links that are credible on your webpage can really help increase traffic on the website. The links do not have to be internal (to your own website). If they are external links to other significant and well-reputed websites, the search engines tend to rank your webpages higher due to relevance and diversity.  


SEO is a relatively new and tricky concept. There are norms you have to follow and factors you need to implement and be aware of. But as mentioned by the methods above, there are ways of getting around it and making it work in your favor. Digital Marketing is the future and SEO is an integral part of the same. Figuring it out and implementing it in the websites and pages can go a long way in promoting the products and getting it to the top of the search ladder.

Monday, 7 February 2022

Why you should be a good reader to write well? (056 917 3311)

Reading complements one’s writing skills. It induces the skill of imagination in an individual’s mind. Without the aid of successive reading, a person remains handicapped in terms of their vocabulary, creativity, or grammar; and may eventually be halted by “writer’s block.” Here are three reasons why writers should read more:

  1.     Develop content from a READER’s point of view:

Understandably, one’s writing skills are as unique as their fingerprints. The average writer will embrace a plethora of writing styles that best adapts to their imagination and the topic at hand. However, it is vital to note that the developed content needs to adhere to a visual yet conversational tone. This allows the person reading the said piece of writing, to relate to it, or understand it explicitly. In addition to this, if a person needs to write an educative thought on a blog, he/she/they can easily do so by researching and reading the trends in the literacy world. For instance, gender pronouns have become a debatable topic in recent years, and several books/newspapers/blogs have published articles concerning the variety of gender pronouns to be used today at one’s disposal. Thus, if an individual is engaged in gender studies and needs to write his/her/their thought on this topic, he/she can easily do so by browsing through a library’s worth of reading material in both the fiction, as well as non-fiction world.


2.     It helps improve writing skills

Although academic writing, blog writing, or even article/listicle writing are quite different from each other, the author writing the same would require a voluminous amount of imagination to innovate sentences and paragraphs using a wide array of grammatical structures and vocabulary. Thus, securing such inventive capabilities in writing can only be possible, if the author has a moderate-to-avid habit of reading. Apart from blogs, budding authors, citizens of the professional world, or even academic students need to read more books, as it enables them to develop a comprehensive knowledge on how to cultivate their respective books, CV/resumes, blogs, and dissertation.

3.     An Extension to knowledge

Reading is an extension of the knowledge of an average person. It not only enables them to become a well-versed person in the aspect of life, but it also supports their ventures to write blogs on topics that sell in the pop culture universe or the corporate hemisphere. Moreover, readers develop a sense of empathy towards the public voice and public thoughts, this accelerates inspiration amongst them, to become adventurous, step out of the metaphorical bubble, and explore the society and its culture from an idealistic point of view. For instance, in 2009, Kathryn Socket published a book called “The help” which is a beautiful yet worldly amalgamation of both: the fictitious as well as the non-fictitious cosmos. By reading and researching through historical pieces of evidence that represent the sufferings of the black community in 1950s America, the author was able to relate to the 20th-century readers from a pragmatic mindset.


Do you think reading and writing are closely associated with each other? Does fiction, or non-fiction reading stimulate the same number of creative juices in your mind as a writer? Let us debate! Share your opinions in the comments below.

Sunday, 6 February 2022

5 Tips to Be a Professional Writer (056 917 3311)

Professional writers are not born; they are made. As with all other jobs, professional writing is something that can be learnt and mastered with some hard work and persistence. Here are 5 tips to be a professional writer.

Be a reader

It is imperative to read a lot to be able to write well. By reading a lot of writing, you'll develop your own writing style. It's important to take note of the tone and style of other writers. This will help you write more enticingly. The best writers are readers. This is a great way to improve your writing style and learn from other people's writing. The more you read, the more you'll find out which types of texts interest you the most. Likewise, you'll get to learn about other people's writing styles. There's no substitute for experience and a professional writer's skills.

Write in a clear, concise manner

One of the most important tips to be a professional writer is to write clearly. This will put you in the top 10% of writers. The main reason is because your readers will be able to understand what you're writing. It doesn't have to sound very impressive or have an impressive style. However, it's important to make sure that your writing is clear and organized.

Be open to feedback

Make sure to get a lot of feedback on your writing. A lot of writers think that the first draft is the best and most professional-sounding. But this isn't true. Most of the editing happens after the first draft. Don't be afraid to fail. While you may not feel comfortable doing this, remember that failure is just a natural part of the process. It is possible to make mistakes in the first draft, but you have to keep on trying until you get the right tone and message across. Then, you can try it out on a different piece of paper. This way, you'll become more confident and your work will become more impressive.
The difference between an amateur and professional writer is not talent but output. A professional writer works on it daily as a job.

Develop a voice

A writer's voice is crucial in creating a story, and reading books regularly will help the reader to hear and understand the ideas behind it. The writer's voice is the foundation of the story. It should be interesting and original. It should be easy to read and understand. Readers are selfish and distracted. It's important to account for their attention spans and to make them feel at ease when reading your work. An avid reader will help you find your own voice. Developing your own voice will make your writing more attractive to the reader. By reading regularly, you'll also develop an ear for mistakes and style.

Practice writing

As you write more, you'll have more confidence in yourself and in your writing. You'll be able to write better. It's an advantage to be able to write in different genres. If you have no experience writing, try to start with simple pieces, such as press releases and short stories. Then, work your way up to more complex pieces, such as novels.

It's not always easy to improve your writing skills and become a professional. However, following these five tips will help you improve your writing.


Thursday, 27 January 2022

Concise Writing is the Current Writing Trend (056 917 3311)

Brunch was very good.

Brunch was superb!

The two sentences above mean the same but the latter is catchier and easier to read. In short, it is concise.

Concise Writing stands for writing that is basic, clear, and effective. It signifies "short and snappy." It is applicable to both lengthy, lyrical sweeps and small, basic words. The inverse of concise writing is wordy writing, which fails to express concepts and demonstrates linguistic economy. It is also more likely to capture the attention of a large number of people.

The easiest method to improve your ability to write concisely is to reduce the number of words you use. Shorter, more succinct writing is more effective and simpler to read. The key to writing concisely is to use the appropriate words for the task at hand. If a term isn't doing its job, get rid of it. This will produce a far more readable and succinct piece of writing. A video to accompany that explains the procedure might serve the purpose.

Concise writing, in general, entails utilizing as few words as possible to express a point. Avoid using superfluous words, bloated phrases, or repeated sentences. They are all impediments to successful writing. You can increase the efficacy of your work and provide a more understandable report by removing "inflated" phrases. You can reduce the amount of time you spend editing your work while simultaneously minimizing the number of unnecessary words.

Another crucial aspect of succinct writing is selecting the most powerful words. This isn't always the shortest, but it's always the most potent. Many authors clutter their sentences with ineffective words that do nothing. Choose the best words and leave out the ones that don't perform the job. Your writing will be clear and concise.

To be successful, succinct writing must employ the fewest words possible. It is critical to select the most beneficial terms. A writer must employ the most powerful words in order to be effective. This is referred to as "shortening" a sentence. This method is analogous to removing unwanted words from a sentence. The writer can produce a more efficient piece of writing by reducing a sentence in half.

Concise writing is the perfect writing form for the new age. Readers of today are easily distracted and have a short attention span when it comes to reading. They get bored by long drafts and require quick pieces that get the information across precisely.

This writing trend has several advantages for the reader, mainly that it improves the readability of the information. The key to making a sentence succinct is to limit the number of words used. Instead of utilizing a difficult term, concentrate on words that achieve the most.

The word count is vital while writing. Concise writing is more successful than extensive writing because it is more effective for readers. You can guarantee that your material is legible and impactful by limiting sentences to a minimum. Learn to write clearly if you want to be a better writer.

Concise writing is the contemporary writing style. It will help you enhance your writing style. Make an effort to utilize the most forceful words possible. This will allow you to communicate your message in less time. Your readers will notice and appreciate it if you utilize the proper words.