Friday, 28 April 2023

6 Tips to make your social media content more engaging!

Social Media platforms are important for businesses to reach and interact with their clients directly. However, it depends largely on the content you have given on your social media account. Is your content interesting enough to catch the attention of a scrolling follower? Does it provoke the follower to comment or like it? Is it exciting or boring? You need to understand that the content given on social media has to play a decisive role in customers’ engagement. You need to be more creative or get the help of professional Content writing companies in UAE such as Writers to write catchy and unique content. Here are some tips to try. 


Use less Text and more video

Text wall makes social media boring. No one stops scrolling just to read a massive wall of text. If you want to engage and attract users, infuse your profile with more videos using minimal but meaningful text. Make your videos short carrying a straightforward message. 


Use Original Photos than graphics

Instead of using graphics, use original photos from work. For instance, if you are a travel company, show pictures from your recent trips rather than posting a graphic of your recent adventures. Original photos are more believable and bring credit to your claims. People are more likely to respond to original photos than mere graphics.


Share Testimonials & Reviews

If you are lucky enough to get customer reviews and testimonies, don’t shy away from sharing them on your profile. People like to shop/consult services that have genuine reviews. Reviews and testimonies are instrumental in influencing purchasing decisions. It helps them get to know about the service provider/seller and take prompt action.


Check latest trends

One of the best ways to engage your followers is to work according to the trends based on analytics. For instance, you could check at which time of the day your followers are most active. Posting at that particular time will result in more engagement. Moreover, you could check the most trending hashtags on twitter or Instagram to streamline your posts. You could also check the performance of your posts in the analytics section and tailor your upcoming posts according to the most performing posts. 


Be direct!

Asking your followers directly to comment, like, and share is also helpful. You could make posts like asking your followers to tag their friends, comment or share to win, choose correct answers to win, and so on. 



Ask your loyal customers to provide feedback on their stories/tweets mentioning you and reshare their posts on your handle. It is a great way of increasing your reach and strengthening customer support. 


There are hundreds of ways to increase your social media engagement. All you need to do is develop a strategy and curate interesting content. Connect with our team of the Best writers in Dubai to help you write engaging content. 

Saturday, 1 April 2023

Discover the Secrets to Writing Winning Papers!

Crafting high-quality academic papers is quite critical for students no matter which part of the world they live in. Whether they are tasked to write research papers, a thesis, or simply an essay, students should learn the art of writing winning papers to compete with their peers. Now the question is what it takes to write an impressive paper. To be honest, it is quite a challenge. There are many steps to writing a paper such as topic selection, research, construction, and creating an impact. It is a tough and overwhelming task for students. That’s the reason we have decided to create this guide taking a cue from our experts in Content writing companies in UAE.


Clarity and Conciseness

First of all, it is imperative to start with a clear and bold thesis statement. You must have clarity in your objective and should be stated clearly and concisely. The best way to write a clear statement is to narrow down the greater idea you have and be specific. Don’t go for over-complication of the statement in an attempt to appear sophisticated as it may leave your readers confused.


Conduct Research

Once you have got clarity in your statement, move on to conducting research. Research is critical in writing impressive papers as it provides important information and validates your thesis. To conduct research, seek support from books, websites, and academic journals. As you proceed, take notes of important notes and statistics that are relevant to your studies.


Build Structure

Now that you have got all the content ready, it is time to take up the pen. Instead of just writing straightaway, build a coherent outline. Don’t forget to look up the assignment given by your professors to ensure you don’t miss anything that you are required to do. Divide the paper into sections such as introduction, body content, and conclusion. The next step is to create a subheading and list the main points that you have gathered. Creating a structure with proper headings, subheads, bullet points, numbering, etc. ensures your paper has a good flow and clings the reader to the topic.


Write, Write, Write

Now, it is time to write. Use clear wording and bold statement, especially in the introduction part. Once you have introduced the topic, you have the luxury to add more to your argument in the body content. Refer to the research you have conducted, use charts or graphs, statistics, etc. However, make sure to not go overboard and use just the right and relevant information.


Focus on Language

Don’t forget to lose focus on the tone and the language you have used. If you are using abbreviations or concepts, it is important to define them. Do not overcomplicate your write-up with unfamiliar jargon or complex language.


Write an impactful conclusion

Just like the introduction, the Conclusion has to be equally powerful. This is the part where you summarize your argument and compel the reader to think. Introducing any new information at this point is not good practice.


Edit & Proofread

Finally, edit and proofread your written assignment. Stick to the main idea, omit confusing words and irrelevant and repeated information. Read it over and again to ensure there are no mistakes. We are sure, you could deliver a winning paper by following these techniques.

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Stop sending embarrassing Emails: 5 Tips for Polished Proofreading

Even since digital means of communication become popular, email has become a primary and important tool of communication, especially for business purposes. It’s fast, quick, and easy to reach others, share thoughts, deliver messages, share data, arrange meetings, and much more. However, no matter how easy it may appear, writing emails is an art and should be done with proper diligence. Emails are essentially used for formal correspondence and should be written in such a way. Grammatically incorrect, typos, and wrong information, in the email could ruin your reputation. And this is exactly why we can’t stress enough ensuring the best proofreading practices in our Assignment writing services. In this blog, we have gathered some critical proofreading tips to make your emails more polished and well-structured.


Take a break after the first draft

Before starting to proofread your email. Take a break. A fresh perspective with a fresh mind is critical to spotting errors and types. If you start proofreading without break, it is possible your mind is too tired to check for mistakes.


Read it aloud

Reading the email aloud is an effective way to catch the errors that are otherwise hard to notice. It will help you understand the tone of the email and identify areas where punctuation is lacking. You could also break down long sentences or make the short ones more meaningful.


Use Tools

There are many essential tools easily available online to check for grammatical errors. Not everyone is a grammar freak which makes it hard for even the most competent writers to write with complete proficiency. The latest tools ensure that your emails are free of grammar faults.


Print it

Compared to reading it from the screen, a hard copy works better to help the reader stay more focused. This comes in handy most if the email is written originally by another writer. You could highlight the words you deem unnecessary, write your suggestions, and encircle the errors. It also helps the writer to catch all the suggestions without leaving anything behind.  


Take Suggestion

Having a neutral person review your email is effective to gauge the impact of your email. A neutral person, colleague or friend, could share their perspective about your email and how, as a recipient, they would like to see it improved. If you are great at writing, a review by a person with a strong background in formal writing could save you from a lot of embarrassment and make your email more polished.


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No More Sleepless Nights: Meet assignment deadline like a Champ

It’s three o’clock at night. Among a stash of papers and books spread all around, here you are drowned in worry and fueled up on caffeine just to meet the deadline. Your heart is pacing fast as the clock is ticking and closing the time on you. The pressure of meeting the deadline at the 11th hour is just unbearable and we are all guilty of facing it at least once in life either in student life or professional one. However, mostly it is students who are burdened with such deadlines. Meeting deadlines might sound like a tough task but you could champ it without pushing yourself to lose your sanity. As part of our Assignment writing services in Dubai, we rely on hard-learned lessons to ensure we deliver work way before the deadline. Here are some amazing tips we have gathered to help students deliver their assignments like true champs.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy

Leaving things to the next day eventually leads you to face the brunt of doing just everything on the last day. Instead, start early and keep doing some parts of the assignments on daily basis. It will also help you generate more ideas and conduct coherent research to deliver a fine write-up.

Set an alternative deadline

The best strategy to deliver the assignment on time is to set another deadline. This alternative deadline comes before the original deadline. Just forget about the original deadline and focus on meeting all the requirements of the alternative deadline. Once you have met that deadline, you always use the remaining time to fine-tune your assignment before submission on the original deadline.

Follow a schedule

You can’t meet the deadline without following a schedule. Period. If you have no schedule, you will most likely end up sacrificing your sleep in the final days leading to the end of the deadline. As soon as you are given the assignment, break it into parts, allocate ample time to each part, and make sure you finish it well on time.

Reduce distraction

Distractions are a major obstacle in meeting deadlines. Some people get distracted easily with their phones, social media, hanging out with friends, etc. if you have a challenging deadline on hand, make sure to eliminate distractions as much as you can to stay focused.

Take Breaks

Staying focused and determined doesn’t mean you need to kill yourself. A fresh mind can produce superior quality work in little time than a tired one. Take intervals, go for a walk, chat with friends, enjoy a snack, and come back to your desk with a fresh mind.

No matter how tough a deadline is, it could always be handled with a great strategy and dedication to work. However, if you have a plate full of work and no time to spare, reach out to us without hesitation. We provide top-notch Best assignment writing service in Dubai and help many students meet their deadlines like true champs. To connect, simply reach out at [+971 4355 4850]