Thursday, 4 May 2023

How to Write Press Release? 5 Expert Tips


Writing a compelling press release requires creative skills. A press release indicates what a company wants to share with the masses about its achievements and latest happenings through the use of media tools. A press release usually carries important information about the latest news development, and achievements, or presents a company’s viewpoint on certain issues. It is important to take the help of the Best writers in Dubai to write a press release that yields the response it deserves. Here are some tips for writing an engaging press release.

Know your Audience

The first principle of writing a press release is to know your audience. Knowing the audience means knowing their ability to grasp the essence of your message. Generally, press releases are written with clarity in simple words so that even an uneducated person could understand your message without having to open the dictionary. You should also be familiar with the sentiments of your audience i.e. what inspires them or what are their pain points. If you are well-familiar with your audience, you could deliver an interesting press release.

Attention Grabbing Headline

The headline acts as bait to catch the attention of the reader. You have to be creative to deliver a headline that makes the reader stop scrolling and instantly open the news story (press release) and start reading. To make it interesting, don’t use difficult or confusing words which could ultimately change the entire meaning of the press release.

Tailor for journalists

The important thing you need to understand is that journalists, whether reporters or subeditors are busy with their personal work. They don’t have enough time to spend editing the press release you shared. If you want your press release to get a place in the newspaper, then tailor it according to the newspaper's requirement so that the journalists don’t have to spend time on it further. And who knows if they omit crucial details while editing. So, it is better to share an edited version rather than send an unedited one.

A Strong lead

The next thing you need to ensure is that your press release must feature a strong lead. A strong lead answers all the important questions popularly known as 5Ws and 1H in the journalistic world. It includes what, why, where, who, when, and how. The lead, or first paragraph should attempt to have all the information according to this question so that the reader immediately knows what your press release is about.

Contact Details

Whenever you share your press release with the media, make sure you provide a valid contact number or email so that if they require to seek more information or add details, they can contact you. Some organizations make the mistake of adding only the general contact details of the company. They should share the details of a focal person responsible for managing external publications and media relations.

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CV Writing – 5 Mistakes that make your CV Unappealing


CV acts like your first interaction with potential employers so you must make every effort to make it more appealing. However, not everyone is great at writing impressive CVs. They either use old templates or go overboard mentioning skills they don’t even have. Some of the candidates take the help of Content writing companies in UAE such as Writers. Whether you have worked on the CV yourself or sought the help of an expert, make sure to avoid the following.

Outdated Template

Have you picked up a randomly overly used template for your resume? A typical one that opens with an objective, moves on to complete educational background and then employment history. Well, why would the recruiter pick a candidate who can't even pour in some effort on their resume? This typical outdated template depicts that you are lazy and don’t want to make any special effort to get the job.

Unnecessary Details

An employer is interested in knowing you based on your extraordinary abilities. There is no need to highlight unnecessary details such as a complete educational record especially if you are an experienced professional. It’s a waste of time as well as space on the resume. Just mention your latest educational degrees/certificates. Mention distinctions separately if there are any from school or college years.

Generic Phrases

One of the important things that make no sense in CVS is the use of cliches. Such as ‘hard-working team player’ or ‘go-getter’. Instead of using these vague statements, be more specific and come up with examples if you are using these phrases. For instance, if you are introducing yourself as a team player then give an example where you contributed as a team member and achieved results.

Un-customized CV

Applying to different jobs with the same cv is something you should avoid at all costs. No matter which particular role you are applying for, different organizations expect different skills even for the same position. If you are sending the same cv you have used before without altering it according to the advertised job, you are unlikely to catch the attention of the recruiter.


Avoid lying to get the job because if caught, it will cause considerable damage to your reputation. Don’t exaggerate your abilities, don’t lie about roles you did not perform, and don’t lie about skills you don’t have. Who knows if someone in the evaluation panel knows you or your previous workplace? It is a grave mistake that will hurt your image in the eyes of potential employers.

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