Friday, 13 May 2022

How to write a convincing Tender Bid

Have you just seen an Invitation to Tender and now think that your company is in a position to meet the requirements listed in the Request for Proposal? 

Once you’ve got that feeling within you then it means maybe you’re already thinking of trying your luck by submitting your tender bid. Yet, the tendering process can be very complicated, time-consuming, and can include so many intricate details which need to be addressed if your company is to stand any chance of being considered against a background where so many other deserving competitors are willing to grab the available tender opportunity.

As the best tender writing company in the UAE, we’re aware of some routines that should be done before you even put pen to paper and commit to bidding for a tender.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve fully understood the specific challenges the project owner is facing, and exactly what kind of solutions they’re looking for. You need to have copies of the RFP and read through all of the shared tender documents they’ve provided. You need to get a clear picture of the scope of the project and you can even confirm with the project owner on anything you’re unsure of by professionally sending a list of questions. This can be easily done via an online forum, or better still, directly via a phone call or email.

Once you have an in-depth understanding of what’s really important to the project owner, you can now start to write your tender document. You need to have an experienced team of bid writers that can craft a compelling document for your company.  Expert tender writers will ensure your company highlights the areas where your skills, experience, and technical know-how lines up perfectly with what the project owners require from a bidder.

Remember, you need to show how your company will be in a sound position to complete the task at hand without the risk of failure– thus you need to show what value you’ll bring to the project, what is the track record your company has, what expertise you have in your team, and how will there be a true partnership between your organization and the project owner that’ll result in a successful venture.

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