Monday, 11 November 2019

Valuable Tips: How to write a Book, Follow us at  (0569173311)

Do you hold a secret desire to write your own book and get it published? Well, so do most people in the world. A recent study has proved that nearly 81 percent of Americans harbour hopes to write a book someday. However, very few actually get down and do it because it is, let’s face it, pretty hard to write a book on your own. In this blog, our team of writers offers some insights into the rewarding, though tedious, the process of writing a book.

Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Writing a book, especially, is no walk in the park. But nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind to it. With proper guidance, and oodles of dedication, you could finally pen down the story that has been on your mind for the past few months, or write an inspirational tale based on the events in your life, or even write that book on medical practices that you specialise in.

If you plan to author a book, we are sure that you might already have an idea of the genre. Genre is the category the book falls into. For example, if the book is going to be fiction, it must be decided if it is going to be historical romance, science fiction, a children’s book, etc. Once the genre is finalised, the next step is to conduct the required research. A properly researched book is not only interesting to read, but is sure to be enlightening as well. More often than not, readers like books that they can take something away from, whether it is valuable information or a fresh perception. As an author, this can only be pulled off only by doing exhaustive research.

The next step is outlining the plot, the details, and the chapters. This step can be done in two ways. Either you can meticulously plot out the entire book, or just create a rough layout and start writing to see where the story takes you. If the book is going to be a novel, finalising the characters and the setting are crucial to moving in an organized manner.

Having finished with the outlining, just start writing. One of the key aspects of productive book writing is to write regularly. Decide on a comfortable word count per day and make sure that you do it, by not falling prey to procrastination. Even if you do not feel creative enough, you need to keep writing because practice makes you perfect.

Once the writing is done, editing is an absolute necessity. Mostly the first draft is nothing more than a free flow of ideas and 2 to 3 edits may be required it make it readable. In this step, you need to check for grammatical errors, structural deviations and also ensure that all the dots are connected. There are plenty of options available online which help you get rid of grammatical mistakes. One of the most popular software for proofreading is Grammarly. You can also get help from a professional editor to the trained eye that can fish out mistakes and other inconsistencies. Your editing is now thorough and voila! The content of your book is ready to be pitched to publishers.

We will be gratified if this blog has encouraged some of you to start writing your own book. If on the other hand, reading this has convinced you that writing may not be for you, but you still have that book in you that is waiting to be written, we have writers who will be more than happy to assist you in achieving your goal of being a published author. Contact us at to know more.