Friday, 16 December 2022

5 Tips to make your CV stand out

CV is your first interaction with a possible employer so there is no reason why you leave behind any effort to make it the most outstanding. Most think that a CV is all about handling out information about yourself. However, the good cv does not carry all the information the one with the important one presented nicely. Here are some tips to follow to make your stand out amongst hundreds.

1.       Add a cover letter

Using a cover letter or a summary is a genius way of presenting yourself as the best candidate for the position. This is the part in which you could play with words, and create relevancy with your experience and the responsibilities of the vacant position. Use the part as if you are directly communicating with the employer. The reader should immediately get the idea of who you are and why you are the best pick for the role.

2.       Eliminate unnecessary details

Adding details like multiple phone numbers, residential addresses, Identification details, etc. is completely unnecessary. It is better to share one mobile number and/or one email address to contact and then make sure to be accessible on the given contact. Too many contact detail not only leads to confusion but also takes up lots of space on the resume.

3.       Focus on keywords

When it comes to highlighting your duties, skills, and achievements it is best to check the advertised post with attention. You will find many keywords in the responsibilities or TOR section. Many employers use software-based apps to pick up CVs that match the given keywords. The tip to identify keywords is to look for the words that are most emphasized in the posting.

4.       Highlight Achievements

Your resume is all about presenting yourself as the best professional for the job therefore you must highlight your achievements (if any) in the resume. You could mention academic achievements, leadership achievements, or other extra responsibilities you were tasked with in previous roles.

5.       Tailored Approach

Another important tip is to edit your resume for each posting. The ToRs for the same role in different companies can be different so you should highlight your skills accordingly. For instance, the ‘communication manager’ at one company can be expected to draft communication strategies, write reports, press releases, and so on. While some positions at another company may expect the candidate to carry out all the engagements, handle social media accounts, liaison between the partners, and so on. It is also likely that the same person is capable of performing all these responsibilities, however, he/she should highlight the relevant one required in the advertised post.

CV making may appear to be easy but if you want your cv to stand out among hundreds, you must pay attention to these details. You can also seek our Writers’ support in making an attractive CV.

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