Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Importance of Newsletter Writing for Corporate, follow us at

Newsletter writing in Dubai is one the hassle free and economic writing services for corporate. It is a highly effective tool for public relations and can draw huge attention to your website. 

How to get started:
1: Choose a format and good title followed by whether you want to print it email it. However, make sure it is related to your business. 

2: Conduct a market research to know your audience better. This will help you add the needed pitch to the content. 

3: Develop a structure and specify the words you want to put in. This will make you organised. Make sure you add a Masthead too to thank the contributors. 

4: If you find steps 1 to 3 difficult, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out in your newsletter writing requirement. offers best newsletter writing services in Dubai, UAE.  To know more about writing services visit or call +971569173311 / +9714355485

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Monday, 24 April 2017

How to avoid mistakes while writing a blog, follow us at

Writing a blog can be a stress a much as it seems to be fun. To write a perfect blog and make money out of it, the blog needs to be clear, concise and stuck to basics. We look at a few mistakes you could avoid while writing a blog.

·         Your topics are too broad.
Having vague topics to write about is not something that many people are comfortable reading. Writing in a particular framework helps a reader understand what you want to convey and what the blog is all about but having too many topics to write on makes the blog vague.

·         Not having an open mind
An open mind is a key to good writing. A tired and unclear mind won’t be of great help but of complete waste. It’s easier to write with a fresh mind and clear thought process because what you think is what you write.

·         Not understanding your audience
You need to understand the audience you want to cater to. Blogs are a niche product and reaching out to a niche or cult audience could help you make better use of your writing talents.

·         Lack of keywords
Keywords are the tunnels to success and the right keywords and proper management of it in your blog will only garner more traction to your blog. It is very important for you to write your blog with a number of keywords that you think are going to bring more traffic to your blog

·         Not engaging with the audience
The one mistake that bloggers usually do is not engaging with the user's section in the bottom of the blog. This kind of takes away the stickiness and the personal relationship the reader has with the blog. Responding to emails and comments could only take a blog a long way ahead.

To know more about our services, call us on 056-9173311 or leave an inquiry on

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Tips for Writing a Claim Adjustment Letter- Follow us at

The claim adjustment letters are written against an unsatisfactory work. If anyone not received the promised product or service, applying claim is their legal right. A formal claim adjustment letters should addressed to the responsible and  authorized person.

A well written claim adjustment letter should have following characteristics:

  • Follow the usual format of business letter writing. Compose the claim adjustment letter on the business letterhead as it is highly professional and confidential business communication.
  • Keep your tone well-mannered, polite and serious throughout the letter. Avoid usage of intimidating way of writing. Flowery and complex sentence creation can harm the genuineness of the issue.
  • Create a short and factual subject line to bring the purpose of writing into immediate notice.
  • Deliver all the important details concerning the matter in the opening line/paragraph.
  • Define the purpose of the writing into simple language with an organised and legitimate manner.
  • Present the facts, amount or other figures clearly in the first paragraph. Present the statistical information with bulleting.
  • Elaborate your complaints and adjustment process in detail. The middle paragraph is the best area to provide details.
  • To determine the adjustment process in the time frame or under detailed guidelines, mention it in the final paragraph.
  • Conclude your letter with a thank you note and positive approach provides professional help to write all type of business letter writing services in Dubai, to know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry at

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Importance to create a successful integrated Social Media Strategy, follow us at

In the past few years, it has been observed that most companies have joined the social media bandwagon to reach out to customers. Some are forced to do so, while some companies are effectively using social media and building strategies around it to further strengthen their relationship with their customers. Whatever the case may be, it has become essential to create an integrated social media strategy to cope with the changing times. Social media is still fickle and yet in infancy stage. So to adapt to this volatile medium, companies should focus on developing a strong social media strategy.

Social media can transform brands. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, and Google Plus are some of the most common platforms that companies are using to connect with their customers. It is not just about promoting your products, a new trend of integrating CRM with social media has emerged. Leading products are effectively utilizing social media to respond to consumer requests, feedback and companies. Though it can act as a two-edge sword, but companies are now willing to take the risk and build trust and confidence amongst its customers by reaching out to them instantly.

With social media strategy also getting integrated into the marketing strategy, companies should create a social media calendar which defines the activities to be performed on what platform. Whatever it is the strategy, company should focus on creating engaging and effective content. is one such organization that help companies build social media strategy and provides great content writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. If you wish to connect with your customers and create a strong integrated social media strategy, to know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Tips to Write a Great Tagline!, follow us at

A Tagline is a catch phrase, slogan or punchline that is used in promotion, marketing and/or advertising. It leaves a lasting impression once it is seen, heard or written by the individual. If created appropriately, it summarizes the benefits of the product or service in one line or few words. Whether it is business or an idea, the tagline offers complete information that is for long-term and memorable. A great tagline engages and entices the audience. It helps them understand the concept better and gives them a clear view of the notion behind the creation. To write striking taglines, we have written few tips below.
  •          Simplicity in words

Don’t say too much in one line. The purpose of a tagline is to be crisp, concise and understandable. Its true strength lies in its simplicity. To express yourself, product, business, idea or service, you need to only use three to five words. These few words should help you get your vision and/or mission across to your audience.

  •          Be direct

Keeping too many slogans for one product or service creates a sense of confusion. It is vague and follows the generic path of a lifestylist who wants to say everything at one go without realizing the complexities of it. By making your slogan too ambiguous, it becomes hollow, soulless and unrelated. Your taglines should be direct and should speak for itself.

  •          Create a story  

A tagline is not a hodge-podge of a few words. It is in fact words intertwined together to tell a story that has meaning and portrays the idea in a precise yet unswerving manner. Your tagline, together with your logo, should have the ability to communicate the feeling of your brand to your audience.

  •          Explain properly

The greatest taglines are not only simple and memorable but they also are functional. They capture the essence of your business and explain the product or service to your customers in the shortest time possible by using powerful yet minimal words.

  •          Provide visualization

Your tagline showcases the picture you want to present to your readers. Your tagline which represents your brand should be all about clarity. It illustrates what your brand is about in a visual manner. If your brand relates to the youth then you need to make a tagline that is according to the youth. If your brand relates to luxury then a tagline should be created that connects to high quality and achievement. Your tagline is the image of your brand.

  •          Be focused

Your tagline should be pleasing but it shouldn’t lose your brand’s identity. In order to do that, you need to be focused on the idea, brand, product or service. Your aim should be to capture your tagline in a few words that is the best description of your company. It should evoke some kind of thought or feeling which will make the reader enticed to get to know the firm and what they are offering better.

  •          Grab attention

A great tagline should have the ability to stay in the minds of people. Once they are exposed to it, the words should linger and be engrained in their thoughts. In order to do that, your tagline needs to grab attention. It should go beyond ordinary and have a unique character. At times, to create an attention-grabbing tagline, you need to create some level of controversy, mystery or ingenuity.

  •          Keep it crisp and concise

With few words, your tagline needs to convey a lot. The power lies in the choice of your words. It should speak to your audience and assure them of your commitment as an trustworthy company. Depending on your brand, your tagline should portray emotions that are related to its application. Creating a slogan is not only about marketing but it is also about creating a loyal base of customers.

  •          Say what’s right

You don’t have to be carried away when you are making your tagline. It should stand out but it should be truthful. A great tagline is not easy to create for their purpose is not only to establish the company and sell the brand but to evolve the company in the best manner possible. Avoid the pitfalls of making taglines that are too explanatory, predictive or cutesy. There should be some edge to it but not every tagline needs a rhyme, pun or alliteration.

  •          Be focused

The more precise your tagline is the more you, your product or firm will be remembered. The broader it is, the more difficult it will be to keep that tagline in their mind. Therefore, a tagline needs to be focused and specific. It should be directed towards a particular product or service and should be in line with the current trend. Once your tagline is driven by a scenario then it will stray in people’s mind for it triggers their memory and creates better understanding. offers best taglilne writing help in Dubai, UAE. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Create a Checklist for Your Technical Proposal, follow us at

A technical proposal is a document that defines the technical requirement of a contract and explains the approach to address them. It is a form of technical evaluation that understands the objectives of the firm. It expounds on the quality and aptness of the program and the process in which the firm will be able to successfully execute the program. It is a reflection of the preliminary technical work and the first iteration which was performed by the bidder on the basis of SOW. It is not a repetition but a technical elaboration.

To prepare a fitting technical proposal, the writer needs to thoroughly analyze the requirements, objectives, solutions and limitations to propose the best baseline concept. By meticulously taking into account each and every aspect of the proposal, the writer will be able to meet the objectives of the firm.

For you not miss out on any part of the proposal, we have created a check list below which will help you organize and accomplish your technical proposal.

Proposal is received by the establishment on time
  • Please enter the time, day, date and/or schedule to be submitted
Received required number of hard copies of proposal or electronic proposal, if applicable.
The Certifications, Assurances and Letter of Submittal are signed by an individual authorized to bind the Proposer to a contractual relationship
Proposal is formatted into four sections:
  1. Letter of Submittal
  2. Technical Proposal
  3. Performance/Management Proposal
  4. Cost Proposal
Proposer meets the minimum qualifications and lists them accordingly
Proposal demonstrates that the proposer is capable/responsible to provide the services for a particular period of time.
Proposal is responsive to and fits in the core work requirements of the RFP
  • It does not impose conditions that would modify the RFP
Management Proposal meets and fulfills the core requirements of the RFP
Appropriate costs are disclosed in the cost proposal as the project budget.
Proposal follows to the project schedule and is delivered on time.
Proposal provides a particular number of days for acceptance of its terms from the due date of proposal.
If required, the proposer has submitted a timely Letter of Intent
If stated in the proposal, a “Certificate of Insurance” is provided as a condition of award.
If required, business references are provided
*For the proposal to be active and responsive, each item must be checked for it to be accepted and evaluated at the bidding., helps to prepare technical tender, proposal and bids for your business, to know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to draft a good Complaint letter? Follow us at

The complaint letter is written to deal with a problematic situation when other attempts including telephone calls, email and other contacting methods have failed to rectify the situation. A complaint letter is often written to formalise a problematic situation and usually considered as the last step to get a problematic situation resolved.

An effective complaint letter should be having the following characteristics:
  • Concise- The complaint letter should be concise and clear.
  • Authoritative- The complaint letter should be properly written and professionally drafted
  • Factual- The complaint letter should contain the relevant details, dates, and requirements
  • Constructive- The complaint letter should contain the positive statements and suggesting positive actions. The letter should encourage action and quicker decisions.
  • Friendly-The complaint letter should be written in a friendly manner with a considerate, cooperative and complimentary tone because the reader responds positively to the writer and wants to help
So don’t wait and start making a change! We are here to serve you with your every need! provide business letter writing help in Dubai. Call us to know about our services on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Business SEO Content Writing – What is it and how should it be done?

Known for optimization of online businesses to draw in more traffic and lead to increase in sales, SEO has transformed the way content is written these days. The ranking of your website is based majorly on its SEO – this is true in almost 85% of the cases. Below are few points on how SEO is perceived and also, how marketers seek to gain knowledge on it.
1. The KW Search
Yes, keyword is the heart of SEO and your content is incomplete if it doesn’t have good and sufficient number of keywords. The KW are basically the search terms or phrases used by people while searching online. While you cannot get into the mind of the people browsing the web, you can definitely identify the pattern and utilize it to develop quality KWs.

2. Networking Data
People utilize social media websites to an extent that is quite unbelievable. This utilization is targeted by marketers by studying them through the way they like, unlike, share or bookmark something online.

To succeed, you need to be smart and also, active to understand your target market. SEO content writing is all about what your target market wants to read, their habit of using Google and the way they search for things online. This is the key to success.
To know more about the different types of corporate and SEO content writing, do visit our website or call us on 043554850

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

15 Questions to Ask When You Review Your Paper

When you are reviewing your research paper, these are some of questions that you need to ask yourself and some aspects that you need to consider. These points will guide you in your evaluation and create helpful suggestions for you to proceed further with your work.

·         What writing style have you used?
·         Are the results and the contributions motivational for others to read your study?
·         Do you cover everything about your paper in the introduction in a clear manner?
·         Is your work interesting or at par with the current trend to keep the reader enticed?
·         Do you provide appropriate background information of your topic?
·         Are all your descriptions, tables and figures clear?
·         Have you done proper research on your topic and are the findings significant?
·         Is the approach clearly explained and well laid out?
·         Do you justify or provide evidence for each point?
·         Is your research properly grounded in the literature and appropriate theory?
·         Are the limitations of your research clearly stated?
·         Have you performed a complete analysis and drawn insightful conclusion?
·         Is your conclusion significant and does it provide prominent insights?
·         Will you provide your future research plans in the paper?
·         Did you use important, adequate and current citations?

With, you don’t have to be stressed about proofreading, editing and writing your paper. We are your one stop shop that creates unique and innovative solutions for you. We will generate everything for you in your specified time and budget.

We will create, edit and customize the content according to your needs. We guarantee that we will produce unique, original and authentic work for you.

To know more about our services, call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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