Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Tips to write a good e-book

If you have been blogging for a while, you must have definitely thought about writing your own e-book. Publishing your own book is tedious as well as expensive. E-book is a cost-effective way of fulfilling your publishing dream. It might look easy launching an e-book but writers commit serious mistakes while writing their e-book. These tips might come in handy while drafting a good e-book.

1.       Choose a topic in which you have vast knowledge and expertise
Choosing a topic with very little knowledge can be dangerous. You might think it will entice your readers, but it will require extensive research. It is a time consuming process and you might not end up procrastinating and losing interest in the subject.

2.       Think from the point of view of the reader
Write what the reader wants to read, not what you want them to read. Understand the pulse of the audience and customize the content as per their interests.  

3.       Plan before you start writing
Every e-book requires detailed planning. All the content that needs to be included in the e-book needs to be well researched and planned. You just can’t start writing without any plan.

4.       Research well on the chosen topic
Even though you might have expertise in the topic, you still need to conduct extensive research regarding the same. It will help you view the same content with a new perspective. 

5.       Keep yourself motivated
It is easy to lose motivation mid-way while writing your e-book. Hence, you need to keep yourself motivated and avoid any sort of procrastination. Keep internal deadlines and religiously adhere to it.

6.       Hire an editor
It is always better to hire a professional editor to proof read your e-book. You might be a good writer, but you may easily fail to correct or edit your own mistakes in the document.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Why your business needs employee handbook?

Forming a medium for communication between the employer and the employee, an employee handbook presents the expectations set forth by the employer. It gives them crucial insight on what the company expects out of them. It also presents legal obligations and the rights of the employee. In short, it is an essential collateral to be given to be employee upon joining.

What does an employee handbook comprise of?

1. NDA: Employee handbooks usually consist of the NDA or the non-disclosure agreements on confidentiality and protection of information shared with the employee by the employer. Though it is not legal, it is wise to share such details.
2. Work schedules: New employees can find out about the work schedules followed by the company through the handbook. It gives out details on absences, leaves, and also, the flexibility to change shifts if required.
3. Compensation: Yes, this is one important section that every new employee never misses to read. It gives details on what the compensation structure is, the benefits and incentive programs offered, salary revision, bonuses, etc. It is supported by relevant labour law.
4. General Information: At the end, but not the least, the employee handbook gives out details on what the business is about, rules of employment policies, referral programs, database, leaves, resignation, relocation, transfer, probation, termination and also, job postings.

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

SEO Writing – What is it and how should it be done?

Known for optimization of online businesses to draw in more traffic and lead to increase in sales, SEO has transformed the way content is written these days. The ranking of your website is based majorly on its SEO – this is true in almost 85% of the cases. Below are few points on how SEO is perceived and also, how marketers seek to gain knowledge on it.

1. The KW Search
Yes, keyword is the heart of SEO and your content is incomplete if it doesn’t have good and sufficient number of keywords. The KW are basically the search terms or phrases used by people while searching online. While you cannot get into the mind of the people browsing the web, you can definitely identify the pattern and utilize it to develop quality KWs.

2. Networking Data
People utilize social media websites to an extent that is quite unbelievable. This utilization is targeted by marketers by studying them through the way they like, unlike, share or bookmark something online.

To succeed, you need to be smart and also, active to understand your target market. SEO content writing is all about what your target market wants to read, their habit of using Google and the way they search for things online. This is the key to success.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why do you need a business plan?

A business plan is a vital roadmap essential for any type of business. It states the goals, objectives, strategies and the future plans of the organisation. But why is a business plan extremely important for every organisation?

1.       Starting a new business
Whenever you intend to start a business, the first step towards achieving that goal is to develop a business plan. It needs to be well structured and carry all the essential information towards reaching that goal.

2.       To raise finance from banks or investors
A business plan is an important document for raising capital either from the bank or the investors. It is a means of convincing the lender why they should finance you. The lenders are risking their time and money, hence they need to make sure your business is sound and profitable.

3.       Launching a new product
If you are planning to launch a new product, you need to develop a sound business plan to gauge the success of the product.

4.       Sharing the vision of the company with the employees
The employees of an organisation should be aware of the goals, objectives and strategies of the company. A business plan will help them better understand the vision of the company.

5.       Planning to sell the company
If you are planning to wind up and sell the company, a business plan needs to be developed which can help the buyer gain a better perspective of the company.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Dissertation writing Support – What do you need to know?

Dissertations are amongst the hardest assignments you can ever have to complete. Structuring and creating a dissertation requires great patience and expertise.
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