Sunday, 16 June 2019


The speed at which the world is revolving, there is no slowing down, there is no time, how I wish I had time to tell you about the time. Fair enough, I have time to tell you about the importance of high quality content on your website.
When Tim Berner’s firs web page went live on 6th August 1991, all it had was HTML links outlining how to create webpages and explained more about hypertext. That was the only content he could think of at the moment. As we were busy processing how that first live webpage worked, ecommerce took off as we witnessed the first online purchase on NetMarket (11th August 1994). Now with the buying or selling of products over the internet, content was inevitable in the equation as one had to describe what they are selling, and the other had to read, see and be lured into buying the product.
Let us forget about the past, who loves being in the past, at least not me. Nevertheless, let me bring you up to speed on the present time where an 11 year old entrepreneur owns a website to sell her idea out, I am speaking of Mikaila Ulmer. At that tender age, she is familiar with the use of tech, and more so on the effectiveness of good content.
Today, to a greater extent, everyone owns a website, maybe as a business, organisation or individual. A lot of awesome sites are being created every day to soot different purposes and this article will concentrate on the content found on these web sites.
Just to keep focus on the topic at hand, I will outline web content as the text, images, videos, animations and sound that is encountered as part of the user experience on the websites. For any business to survive, it has to pay a lot of attention on the content they share on their websites, and yet, this a factor hasn’t been embraced well enough, and this is where I come in to educate, trust me, education is for free. Content is the information directed to the end user or consumer.
To stay fully in the business competition in today’s world, or relevant to the society, your website has to catch someone’s eye perpetually through the kind of content you share on your website. Yes, the website and its graphics might be on point, but surely trust me when I tell you that there is nothing more annoying, like having a dialogue with someone well dressed, smelling awesome but with gibberish content. What I am trying to say is content must be 100% put into consideration, however beautiful your website is.
Now that competition is stiff in the business world, organisations have derived means through Blogs, Videos, Inforgraphics, Case Studies, eBooks, White Papers, Checklists, Interview, Social Media Posts, Memes and Gifs as content shared on their websites which has increased traffic on their sites. They have further embedded artificial Intelligence to their systems to help in the automatic generating of content, and deploying chatbots to interact with users answering queries and concerns in real time.
Well, if you think Google ads are annoying, try visiting a website with no or lousy content.
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