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A good marketing plan features the tools, techniques and tactics to achieve the specific sales goals of the company. It is a strategic plan of action that includes numbers, facts and objectives which can be qualitative and quantitative in character. It sections includes market needs, trends, strategies, segments and growth. It analyzes the industry, buying patterns, main competitors, participants and implementation methods. To write a winning business plan, we have shared below certain tips that will help you achieve your goals and build awareness of your product.

·         Provide a Situational Analysis
You need to start with a snapchat of your company’s current situation. This section should define the products and services of your company and it should illustrate the benefits of your merchandize which sets you apart from your competitors. It describes your target clientele and discusses about the positioning of your product or service in the market. It describes the industry so that you will have a clear understanding of what your company is offering and how you can provide better value. 
Your situational analysis is an overview of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors while opportunities and threats refer to the outside factors that affect your company. To showcase the position of your product, two steps are necessary. First, an analysis of your product’s features is necessary by distinguishing your product from your competitors. Second, you need to decide on what type of buyer is most likely to purchase your product
·         State your target audience
You need to create a brief profile of your prospective customer by describing prospects in terms of demographics which include age, sex, family composition, earnings, geographic location and lifestyle. You need to find out what customer’s you have, define their type of business, job title, size of business, geographic location and other characteristics that make them possible prospects. It does not matter who your target audience is, an appropriate description needs to be provided which will act as guide to your media and public relations campaigns.
·         State your marketing goals
You need to be clear on what you want to achieve through your marketing plan and make sure that your goals are measurable and feasible. A summary of the key marketing objectives must be provided which may be financial or non-financial in character. The marketing plan discusses the increase of sales, awareness of your product and service, company engagement with customers and business networks.
·         Create marketing – communication strategies
This section is a vital part of your marketing plan. It identifies your best prospects, outlines your accomplishments and showcases your tactics to achieve your goals. A good marketing plan targets individuals at every stage in the sales cycle. It involves advertising, public relations and direct marketing which reach cold prospects. Permission-based emails, loyalty programs and customer appreciation events target warm prospects. Make sure that you have summarized the marketing strategies to complete this section. To identify the idyllic marketing mix, state your target audience and provide adequate information about the kind of product or service that you offer. Identify the Marketing Budget
In this section, you need to dedicate the projected gross sales to your annual marketing budget. Showcase the tactics needed to attract the niche audience in the given budget. Highlight the marketing tactics and adjust it accordingly until you create the right format. The key is to state the techniques properly and ensure that the budget is appropriately incorporated in the marketing program. To have a good marketing plan, you need to avoid broad based language which may be irrelevant and create a receptive message that is straight to the point.

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