Thursday, 14 December 2017

Why do you need company profile writing? follow us at

First impression is the best impression, and this does stand true when it comes to company profile writing. Extensive care must be taken to convey the company details, its services and product line with integrity in a positive approach. 

When seeking professional company profile writing for your business, you will need:

-          A dedicated writer that understands your needs and customers
-          Copyright content with no plagiarism
-          Error free content with no grammar or sentence issues
-          Crisp content without any fillers

Upon reading your company profile, your customers must be impressed by the reliability, competence and uniqueness of your business in addition to the products and services offered. The profile must be able to support your growth ambitions, and provide your business with the right exposure.

At, we ensure that our experienced professional writers match your needs you’re your requirements, and customize your company profile.  We always ensure careful development of content and strategy to provide dedicated company profile writing for your business.

Get an effective and efficient company profile created by for your business today!

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How to make an Attractive Brochure, follow us at

Brochures are an effective marketing tool when they are used in the right manner. Every company can extend sales operations and widen customer base by using an attractive, well-designed brochure. Potential customers can obtain contact information and other vital details from brochures. 

Each business needs to invest time in designing a brochure and make sure that it captures the attention of the target market. Hence, knowing How to make an attractive brochure is quite essential. 

In order to elevate the image of your business in the eye of the public, offers the services of top quality content writers who can create and design excellent brochures. They can help develop attractive brochures with great colors, readable and eye catching font and various other unique design elements that can help educate your customers about your company and boost operations. Hence, with even you can learn how to make an attractive brochure for your company. 

To know more about writing services visit or call +971569173311 / +97143554850

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Make your dream come true to Create Your Own Book! follow us at

Many have a dream to write a book but don't know where to start. Everyday distractions can hinder you from achieving your goals. When you feel overwhelmed, your ideas get lost and you are unable to express yourself. That is the time when you wish you had someone who can help you get your ideas across and put all the words that you have in your heart on paper. 

To write a book, patience and perseverance is needed for it is time-consuming task. Our writers will definitely understand your thought and create a book for you that fits your requirements. Our ghostwriting services offers a comprehensive solution to your problem.

We at take charge of the process and deliver  to your exact specifications. Throughout the writing project, whether its for online reading or publishing, our efforts are aligned to developing a book that is both compelling and useful for the intended readers. 

We are a professional writing company fully committed to giving you the best quality that not only meets your needs but exceeds expectations! So don't wait! Make your dream come true! We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Employee handbooks are a vital statement tool for any business? follow us at

Forming a medium for communication between the employer and the employee, an employee handbook presents the expectations set forth by the employer. It gives them crucial insight on what the company expects out of them. It also presents legal obligations and the rights of the employee. In short, it is an essential collateral to be given to be employee upon joining.

What does an employee handbook comprise of?

1. NDA: Employee handbooks usually consist of the NDA or the non-disclosure agreements on confidentiality and protection of information shared with the employee by the employer. Though it is not legal, it is wise to share such details.
2. Work schedules: New employees can find out about the work schedules followed by the company through the handbook. It gives out details on absences, leaves, and also, the flexibility to change shifts if required.
3. Compensation: Yes, this is one important section that every new employee never misses to read. It gives details on what the compensation structure is, the benefits and incentive programs offered, salary revision, bonuses, etc. It is supported by relevant labour law.
4. General Information: At the end, but not the least, the employee handbook gives out details on what the business is about, rules of employment policies, referral programs, database, leaves, resignation, relocation, transfer, probation, termination and also, job postings.

To know more about employee handbook writing in Dubai, please visit, call us at 04354850 or leave an inquiry at

We also offer a wide range of corporate writing services for businesses in the UAE and Middle East. 

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Why you should avoid copying content from other websites ?

Copy writing and plagiarism are two very strong words that relate closely to the advertising and online retail world. While many online retailers and users do not consider using and even copying others content as a crime, but in reality, it is unethical and can lend severe damage. shares some helpful insight on everything you should know about copying content online and why you should avoid it.

Knowing the rules of GOOGLE
Google – the leading search engine has an efficacy towards identifying any instance of duplicate content or plagiarism. The search engine giant has a strict attitude towards duplicate content and can blacklist any domain that happens to violate its policies of genuine content usage.

Who will get hurt?
If you are the one posting the original content, you don’t have to be worried. Once you post your genuine content online, the googlebots know that you are the owner. If anyone copies your content and reuses it multiple times in the following days or months, it will not harm your website. Instead, it identifies the copy makers as spammers and blacklists their domain.

What to do if you are a victim of scammers?
If you know that you are the original owner of your content, you can simply use the SCAMMER REPORT TOOL to ask Google to review your domain. Things will definitely work out.
To get help on getting non-plagiarized copyright content, do visit or mail us on today or call at 043554850!

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Style for Writing Scientific Journal Articles

The major points that should be taken into account while writing scientific journal articles are as follows:

1.  Poor Language Quality is not acceptable: It is imperative to consider important the presentation of your manuscript, particularly the language you use to communicate result. Lucidity in composing gives clearness in your thought. Science is much more than insignificant fact recording. Composed openness is absolutely vital to transmitting 
      learning and rendering an effect 
      on the field.

2.  Always use proper English: Use appropriate English throughout the entire manuscript, and do not overlook the captions and headings in figures, charts, graphs, and photos.

3. Author’s responsibility for correct language of manuscript: Often authors assume that the publisher will precise the language of their manuscript after it has been accepted, but this hypothesis is not correct. It is actually the author's concern to make sure a paper is in the best form possible. Doing so means correcting the basic issues related to grammar and spelling, as well as providing a clear, logical, and linked story-line.

               Manuscript language should be: Accurate Concise Clear Objective one of the academic writing consultant can assist you to write a flawless article for your article to be published in the journal. To know more about our services, call us at 043554850 or leave an inquiry at

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Does Info Graphics Enhances Your Content? follow us at

Here are some reasons: 

To know more about our services, call us at 043554850 or leave an inquiry at

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Getting problem to publish your academic article in a Journal, follow us at

Publishing an academic article in a journal may be an annoying process that requests an ample time and full consideration.
Follow below given tips to make the process easier:
·        Select a Proper Journal
·        Say Something New
· Revise Your article Extensively
  •                Reference Tactically

  •                 Make it Hard for Reviewers to Say “No”

In the end, the successful submission of the article in academic journal base is unique and quality content. one of the academic writing consultant can assist you to write an article for your academic project to be published in the journal  

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Tips to Write a Convincing Product Description? Follow us at

Product description is a structured format of writing which illustrates the necessary information about the product. A convincing product description encourages the consumers to purchase the product which is the primary objective of content or copywriter. Oftentimes, the content or copy writer makes the mistake of only describing the product without exploring the primary objective which is to sell the product.

 We have listed 8 simple ways in which you, as a writer, can write a convincing product description in which you can persuade your readers to buy the product.
·         Concentrate on your target
When writing a product description, you must give your primary attention to your product’s ideal buyer rather than focusing on a crowd of buyers which will make the brand look to vague. If the product is for general use then describe using specific words and if it is for a particular group a core description will be needed. Make sure that you are conversing with your clients instead of giving them an indefinite presentation.

·         Showcase the benefits
Entice your readers by not only talking about the positive side of the product but the benefits that they will receive when they use the product. In order to do that, you need to highlight the features of the product, link it to the user and illustrate the feelings garnered with this product to add a personal element. In this part, you are not only selling a product but an experience.

·         Avoid vague words
You need to be specific when you are describing the product. Using superlatives words without the proof to back it up will make the readers lose interest in your description and make them feel that the product is not trustworthy. When discussing each point of the product, talk about their quality or acquisition of patent. Justify your superlatives by providing specific proof or testimonials from customers to add credibility.

·         Entice using visuals
It’s been proven that when your customer’s hold the product, the chances of them buying it increases. But if you are an online seller then to sell your product virtually, you need to add high resolution images or videos. Another trick is to play with their imagination by letting your buyer imagine how it will be like if they owned the product.

·         Use short stories
To make your description more interesting, use short stories. Write about the materials that the product is made of, who is the one creating it, where did the creator get inspiration from, how long it took to formulate it, what obstacles the makers had to face, how did they overcome their difficulties and what process was used to test the effectiveness of the product.

·         Develop sensory words
As a writer, you need to engage the different senses of the body depending on what kind of product you are dealing with. By using the right sensory words, you increase the processing power of the brain. Utilizing certain sensory adjectives like smooth, crisp, bright or velvety have the power to increase the experience of the reader while reading about your product which entices them to actually purchase it.

·         Sneak Social Proof
The buyers, at times, don’t know which product to purchase and this is when the social proof comes to life. Social proof are suggestions that pop-up in the browser when you are seeing a particular product. The product that the customer purchases usually have the highest positive reviews. Therefore, when you sneak in a social proof which may be in a visual form of a similar product or customer testimonials, the buyer will surely be enticed.

·         Make it encouraging
Whether your product is compelling or not, your content must be. It helps when you design your product description in such a way that appeals to your customers. Hence, you need to make your product description not only reader friendly but visually appealing by creating stimulating headlines, easy to read bullet points, white spacing, and large font size.

With, you don’t have to be stressed about writing, designing and editing your Product Descriptions. We are your one stop shop that creates unique and innovative solutions for you. We will generate everything for you on your specified time and budget and customize the content and design according to your requirements.

To know more about our services, call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry at

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Why have e-newsletters become a great marketing tool?

In recent times, most companies have started realizing the potential of sending e-newsletters to their clients. Content marketing is at its peak and businesses are exploiting its potential through e-newsletter. Earlier, physical distribution of newsletters were a trend which was successful to a great extent. But with the electronic medium taking over the world, distributing newsletters are no longer existent. With newsletters taking the electronic form, marketers across industries are exploring various options to effectively this marketing tool. Content is definitely the king and the most important element of the newsletter. But making the content useful to the consumer which in turn can accentuate sales is the main challenge for the marketer.

Another obstacle companies have to deal with is the possibility of the newsletter hitting the span folder instead of the inbox. Hence it extremely vital for you to gain the trust of the user and motivate him to tag you a reliable source. E-newsletters are also a great way of branding your company and its products. By making the newsletter interactive by adding a coupon or a sales discount, you can effectively engage your customer and motivate him to wait for your next newsletter. provides one of the best corporate writing services in Dubai. E-newsletter is one of the premium services offered at If you wish to engage with your customers with this unique marketing tool, kindly visit right away or call us at 043554850.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Difference Between Ghost Writing And SEO Writing: follow us at

Ghost writers are the ones who write on behalf of another person who is given the credit of the book. These books may vary from political to fiction and end up at autobiographies. SEO writers on the other hand are completely different from the ghostwriters. They are anonymous or may be acknowledged for their work and write only web content that are published on the world wide web. 

Basic functionality of ghostwriter and SEO writer remains same, that is, write on behalf some someone else, the works of ghost writers are published on hard cover books or scientific journals. The lyrics written by them are tuned to music and sung whereas ghost writers are dedicated to writing content for websites that are full with keywords. This makes the search of the website easier and effective in the search engine. Though both need immense writing skills, SEO writers are responsible for making a website popular whereas ghost writers are held responsible for e-book or hardcover book’s popularity. 

A ghost writer need not follow any rule of keyword and do not have to worry about the number of people reading the book. But a SEO writer has to keep in mind that fact that more and more number of people are to be attracted to the article and thus use keywords to enable easy search. has a number of both ghost as well as SEO writers with strong professional experience.

To know more about our expert writing services visit on or contact 043554850 / 056-9173311

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

10 Essential Steps for Writing a Business Agreement, follow us at

A business agreement is a guide that helps both parties decide on the terms and conditions of the venture. It lays down the foundation of the contract and secures the role of each party. With a legally binding agreement, the status of the business relationship is stated. If one party draws up the agreement then both parties will sign it to acknowledge the terms and conditions. For one to understand the process of creating a business agreement, 10 essential steps are written below.

 To establish an effective date, clearly state the date on the agreemen
 By doing this you will ensure the effectiveness of the contract and make the terms stated unobjectionable.

 List down the parties that are part of the agreement by stating the complete name/s of the business and/or parties involved.

The name of the parties is the most basic and starting point of the contract. Make sure that the formal name is used in the contract and is clearly stipulated in the agreement. It should be spelled correctly and must be used legally.

 Define the terms appropriately
 The services which the party/s will perform to meet the requirements must be stated accurately on the contract. The performed services may be written in detail to avoid any confusion. If it involves a task like company profile designing then in your agreement you need to state the length, purpose and other relevant information which is necessary for the completion of the contract.

 Describe other parties and/or duties involved
 If the service involves writing and designing then you need to make sure which data will be provided by the party and which will be done in-house.

 Lay down the payment terms for the transaction
 This section incorporates the total number of that will be availed and performed by the respective parties, how much will each service cost and date in which the deposit and final payment should be done.

 Formulate a timeline for the delivery of services
 Include the exact dates in which the party can deliver the parts of the service to the client. In addition, state the final deadline or the days required to complete the service to avoid any confusion or delays.

 Create a termination clause
 The clause will explain the steps that each or both parties need to take to terminate the contract if the service is not rendered. The payment terms for the completed work should also be stated during the termination procedure. Additionally, the days in which the termination will occur need to be clearly stipulated in the contract.

 Write a dispute clause
 The contract must have a dispute clause in which if any problem occurs between the parties then it could be resolved easily. One example is that when a dispute arises between the parties then the method of arbitration may be applicable.

Determine ownership rights
In the contract, it should be clearly depicted which party holds the ownership rights of the product or service. The party which has performed the service can state that once the product or service is done then the company and/or worker will turn the overall rights to the customer and make no claim of ownership when the full payment of the product and/or service is done.

Place a signature and date line at the end of document
No agreement is complete without the signature of both parties. By signing the contract and stating the exact date, the contract binds the parties together and ensures their commitment to each other.

At, you don’t have to be stressed about writing your Business Agreement or any part of your contract. Our expert writers can create unique and innovative solutions for you that are in line with your requirements. We customize the content according to your need and give you 100% guarantee that we will produce authentic, original and plagiarism-free work for you.
To know more about our services, please call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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