Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to Write an Employee Handbook: Key Points, Follow us at

Employee handbooks are created as a mode of communication between the management and employees in a written format. A well-written employee handbook showcases the expectation of a company from its employees and the expectations of the employees from the company. It defines the legal obligations of the employer and rights of the employee. It is a guide to all the individuals who are working in the company. It serves the purpose of being a distinctive manuscript that holds the rules and procedures to be adhered by each and every member of the organization.

To make an effective employee handbook, you need to include the some of the following topics which are listed below.

·         Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Conflict of Interest Statements
In this section, you mention the use of an NDA which may not be necessary but when you make an employee sign an NDA you protect your company’s trade secrets and propriety information.

·         Compensation
In this section, your legal obligations on overtime pay, pay schedule, performance review, salary increases, time-keeping records, breaks and bonuses will be expounded upon. 

·         Work Schedules
In this section, the policies regarding your work hours, schedules, attendance, punctuality, guidelines, telecommuting and absences will be described thoroughly.

·         Standards of Conduct
In this section, the employee’s dress code, ethics and mannerisms will be stated. If the company is affiliated with the government then the employee’s legal obligations towards the company will be explained.

·         General Employment Information.
In this section, an overview of the business and general employment policies which covers the employee eligibility, job classification, employee referrals, employee records, job postings, probationary periods, termination, resignation procedures, transfers, relocation and union formation will be given.

·         Safety and Security
In this section, include the health and safety policies of the work place which should be in compliance with the safety and health administration’s laws that requires the employees to describe accidents, injuries, safety hazards, suggestions and related issues to the management.

·         Computers and Technology
In this section, policies regarding the appropriate use of computer and software, procedures employees should follow to secure electronic information and acquisition of personal identifiable information collected from the customers will be elaborated.

·         Media Relations
In this section, the employees will be explained the process of handling calls from reporters or different media personnel.

·         Employee Benefits
In this section, the benefit programs and eligibility requirements will be explained in detail. It outlines the list of optional and lawful benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans and wellness programs.

·         Leave Policies
In this section, the company’s leave policies is elaborated which includes emergency leave, sick leave medical leave, military leave and other different types of leave. In addition, the policies pertaining to vacation or holiday is explained.

With, you don’t have to be stressed about writing, designing and editing your employee handbook. We are your one stop shop that creates unique and innovative solutions for you. We will generate everything for your specified time and budget.

We will customize the content and design according to your needs. We guarantee that we will produce the most informative and supreme quality employee handbook for you which will stipulate the objectives, rules and procedures of the company in a structured and organized manner. 

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Create a Great Company Profile, follow us at

What is a company profile?
“The first impression is the last impression.”

A great company profile makes a great impression! Your company profile is the reflection of your company. It introduces your ventures to the existing and potential customers. It is a professional introduction of your business. Its primary goal is to inform the readers about your products and services.
To create an impressive company profile, you need to formulate a strategy and generate a map in which all the distinctive characteristics are shown. We have listed below the sections that are needed to produce an effective company profile which highlights the exclusive offers of your company in a crisp and attractive manner.
The Sections for Company Profile:
A.    About Us
This section will summarize what your company offers to its clientele. It is a brief introduction of your firm which states the purpose of your work, the reason that you are in this line of business and the customers that are you are targeting.
B.     History
This section will explain your company’s evolution which will play a significant role in building trust and respect among consumers. Your history should include the following points:
1.      The reason behind the commencement of your company
2.      The year of establishment
3.      The major turning points of your company’s journey
4.      Inspirational events that have occurred in your company
C.    Vision
This section describes the future endeavors of the company. By sharing with the clients the necessary steps that the company will take to realize its vision, the consumers get a clear picture of where the company is headed.
D.    Mission
This section defines the company’s strategies, methods and approaches to reach its objectives. The mission statement lists the steps or forms of action that the company will take to reach its goals.
E.     Values
This section will delve upon the values and beliefs of the company. The core values of the company reflect the priorities of the organization. They are based on the decisions, plans and tactics employed by the establishment to fulfill their aim. This section will highlight the following:
1.      Objectives of the company
2.      The strategies employed by them
F.     Chairman’s Statement
This section gives an insight on the thoughts and aspirations of the Chairman. It expands on the achievements and the potential of the company. It showcases the performance of the firm over a particular period of time and focuses on the decisions that the company is willing to take for it to move forward and become the prime leader in the market.
G.    Team
This section will discuss the key roles performed by the team members of the company in order to achieve their purpose. It deliberates on the task they perform and their skills to complete any work or project. The organizational structure will be illustrated to display the structure of the company.
H.    Work Place
This section defines the work space, setup and facilities being provided by the company. It takes into the account other services, technological aspects and unique elements being offered by the establishment.
I.       Services
This section describes the services offered by the company to its clients. It provides a brief description of the tangible and intangible products that should be presented in the company profile in an eloquent and crisp manner.
J.      Safety Policy
This section includes the health and safety policies of the organization. It states the commitment of the firm to protect the health of the employees, society and its surroundings. It highlights the laws, regulations and practices of the industry that the company is part of.
K.    Projects
This section will cover the projects and services rendered by the company to its clients. It will give a brief description of the products delivered and showcase the unique elements of the venture.
L.     Contact Us
This section will contain the contact information to help your clients connect with you. Relevant details that are included in your company profile are as follows:
1.      Office location
2.      Email Id
3.      Fax Number
4.      Telephone number
5.      Location map offers best company profile content writing and designing services in Dubai, To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Key Points to Consider When Writing a Brochure, follow us at

I.                    What is a company brochure?
A company brochure is a print publication that showcases the company’s brands, services, products and benefits. It illustrates the different sections of the firm to customers and brings forward their priorities. A brochure is different from a flier, mail letter or catalog. It has one, two or three folds which summarizes the work and shares the relevant information with the target clientele. They are a reliable and affordable advertising tool for company to bring their image forward.

II.                  What are the Key Points?

1.       Be Attentive
For your company to bring itself forward in the market, the cover of the brochure should contain the necessary information that will attract the customers to read it. It should possess key elements which motivates the client to avail the service or product. Incorporating a unique idea or design will make your brochure more memorable and attract valuable customers.

2.       Experiment
A brochure can come in various colors, shapes and sizes. It does not need to have to be of one design or layout. The more you experiment with your brochure the better it is for your company. It makes your clients see your innovativeness which is linked to your line of your work.

3.       Use Testimonials
The credibility of your company is increased with the use of testimonials which can be a quote, story or a short message from a satisfied customer. To show that the testimonial is original, you need to specify the clients name, position, country of residence or state. With a testimonial, you can garner brand loyalty and customer support.

4.       Printable Format
By having a printed brochure at hand, you are able to save your time and energy in explaining to people your products and services. Your printed brochure is a sign of your credibility. It makes the potential clients believe that your firm is trustworthy.  When you have a brochure that is filled with great content and unique design, your company stands out in the market.

III.                Who can help you?

With, you don’t have to be stressed about writing, designing and editing your company brochure. We are your one stop shop that creates unique and innovative solutions for you. We will generate everything for you and so much more in the specified time and budget that has been given by you. Our services and products are customized according to your needs. We guarantee that we will produce the best company brochure for you which will formulate your identity and increase your brand awareness. 

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Monday, 27 March 2017

How to write a good news article for digital content, follow us at

A good news article attracts plenty of readers. But in today’s times when the attention span has gown down drastically and reading habits have changed, what makes an article worth reading? We take a look at some tips on how to write a good news article for digital content.

·      Keep it short and simple
Giving away a long article one a digital platform is equal to reader lost! Keep your article short because consumers of digital content are used to shorter formats of content. Such is the case that at times all they can absorb is 140 characters. However, since an article cannot be completed in that many characters it is advisable to keep it between 500 and 1000 words.

·      Give as much information
It is important to give away as much information as possible in the short format of the content. News articles are very informative and losing out on this crucial aspect of writing a news article will affect the quality of it. An article that is small yet informative is the best way to reach out to the audience. 

·      Use Relevant Images
Using relevant images will make the news article graphically or visually appealing and give the readers more reasons to go through your article. Using high resolution pictures look good with the article and makes a strong impact on the readers mind.

Writing a good news article may require a lot more than these points. But following these few ideas could help you boost your article views. provides creative news article writing services in Dubai. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Tips to Write a Good Speech and Be a Good Speaker, follow us at

A speech is visual form of communication not with just one person but with a number of individuals who are part of the audience. It is a form of human gesture and the basis of written language which is portrayed in the form of actions. You know it’s a good speech when you are enjoying what the speaker is saying and the words that are being uttered is not only understandable but relatable. To write a good speech you need to follow these tips which will make you not only you a good speaker but your speech memorable.

1.      Prepare in advance
As soon as you know your topic, conduct the necessary research and add in your novel ideas to make it professional and personal at the same. Once you start writing and organizing your words, new concepts will come to you which will enable you to create a unique speech.
  1. Create a Summary

In a piece of paper, outline your main points which you would like to discuss in your speech. You can add a statement or a phrase beside each point to remind you the order of your speech or which aspect you are giving priority to. The idea is to not look at the outline and ingrain the main factors in your mind so that you can speak to your audience confidently. 

  • 3       Have Eye Contact

A good speech has its own language, structure and style. It is not something that needs to be read but said. The tone of voice, expressions and examples play a large role in conveying the message to the listeners. You need to create your speech in such a way that when your audience hear your words, it makes sense to them. You also need to look at your audience or have eye contact with them so that they will feel that the speech is tailor-made for them.

4.      Be Goal Oriented
Define your purpose in the beginning of your speech. You need to know what point you are addressing and how will you illustrate it to your listeners. You also need to have an idea of what reaction you would like to garner from your audience. Your speech is not only about the information that you are sharing but what you are getting out from it through your audience.
5.       Remain Audience-Centric
When you know who you are delivering your speech to, you will be able to write according to their needs and use the language that they are familiar with. The kind of audience you have will dictate your words, kind of jokes or phrases that you choose to use. You need to take into account who you are talking to and what are they enthusiastic about.
6.      Start and End
The beginning of your speech should be in congruency with the conclusion. Every speech is different but the start and end of your speech should be balanced with each other and should convey a specific point which showcases strength. You can add quotes, questions, tasteful jokes, anecdotes or case studies in the start and end of your speech which will add credibility.
7.      Time Management
A good speech takes into consideration the given time. It should not be so wordy or lengthy that when the time is over, you are not able to convey your point or bring your message forward. However the situation, the length of your speech should be in accordance to the time which will enable you to spread your message and make a definitive point.
8.      Make it Yours
Your speech is you. It is what a portrayal of you and your message to the audience. You don’t have to be original or unique. You just need add personal touch of you in it so that the audience can relate to you which means that they want to hear what’s on your mind and heart.
9.      Body Language
The way you portray yourself says a lot about. Your body language is your reflection. Since your audience can’t see your speech, they rely on your mannerisms. Aside from your speech, your movement, hand gestures and facial expressions is what will draw your audience’s attention. Just be confident and believe in what you are saying.
10.  Practice makes perfect
Before you go in front of your audience, your mirror will be your best friend. You can recite your speech over and over again till you feel that you have perfected it. You can also rehearse your speech in front of someone you trust so that you can get appropriate advice on how to better your speech. In addition, que cards, notes or outline as a form of guidance can be used. To add a personal yet fun spin to your speech, you can make it completely spontaneous and engage your audience in a witty manner. provides best speech writing services in Dubai, Call us to know more about it 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Business Letter Writing Tips, follow us at

To be an effective writer and get your word across to a large number of individuals, you need to follow these 10 business letter writing tips.

  •         Review the Words

As a writer, you need take into consideration what you want the reader to understand so that he or she can take the essential action. For that, you need to review your letter and take out any unnecessary words that does not help the reader. You need to avoid repetition of words or statements and be specific on what aspect you would like to emphasize. 
  •         Be Goal Oriented

Your words maybe concise but they don’t need to be incomplete. You need to make sure that your letter has the important information to achieve your goal. It tells the readers what they need to know to take the desired action. You need to come across as tactful and polite for them to read your letter completely and give you an appropriate response.
  •         Utilize Action Words

Adjectives and adverbs have the ability to enhance the content of your letter but nouns and verbs gives body to your words. They are what makes your readers believe in you. Instead of using a lot of descriptive words, it is better to use a few of them and back them up with actions words so that the readers are assured of your commitment.
  •         Use Active Voice

When you us an active voice, the reader believes that things are happening. It makes the reader feel important for without their approval, consent or presence, the task is not possible to complete. If you choose to use passive sentences then the reader believes that things are done and people have already acted upon it which makes them feel unnecessary. By using active sentences, the reader can act and the writer can interact.
  •         Be Concrete

Write as if you are conversing with someone. But instead of being more casual, you need to be more distinct, precise and concrete. At the same time, your tone of voice should be courteous to grab their attention. For the readers to understand you, use the simplest everyday language and avoid abstract concepts. Every idea or proposal of yours need to back up with an example so the readers can trust you and you can gain credibility as a writer.
  •         Grab Attention

Make your writing short yet sharp. It should be direct to the point but it shouldn’t lose the meaning. To make your work more interesting, links two or three sentences together with commas, semi-colons, dashes and other compound words. By doing that, your sentences will not look alike and the reader will be enticed to read the whole business letter.
  •         Focus on the Readers

Write to your readers and make them part of your conversation. You need to remember that they are not children that need to be explained each and everything but smart adults who are uninformed. Through your letter, they will be guided and they can act upon your words. So focus on your target which are your readers and give them what they require.
  •         Be Positive

Use positive words to attract the readers. They attention is not dependent on your mode but tone of voice and positive use of words. Negative statements like “don’t,” “wont,” “shouldn’t,” “not,” and many more make the readers disinterested with what you are trying to portray. By using an optimistic language you make them feel that there is hope and what they are reading is actually worth considering.
  •         Make it Believable

To make your letter believable and understandable, you should make use of a precise technique and clear facts. You can refer to books which will help you write correctly by ensuring your spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation. The facts are basically presented by you and the letters are the records of your discussion with the readers. Therefore, for your letter to be believable, use writing techniques that are commendable and facts that are believable.
  •       Be Distinct

A good business letter is clear, concise and distinct. It is concrete and not open to interpretation. Your letter is not intended to be a mystery story, novel, play or poem. Therefore, keeping suspense, using too many descriptive words and adding a whole lot of information is absolutely pointless. You need to write what you mean. Your sentences or statements should only say one thing since you are conveying one message through your letter. If you do that then the reader understands you and your work is a success. offers premium business letter writing services in Dubai. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry at

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Monday, 20 March 2017


Business letter writing mainly has two goals which is to make people understand your words and to get them to act on those words. When writing a business letter, your efforts must be geared towards what specific action you want your readers to take. This action can come in form of buying the product or availing the service, confirming a decision or accepting a proposal for partnership. To write more effectively and to say what you mean, you need to make your readers act according to your words which you have portrayed in your letter.

A business letter is structured and accurate but it also shows that it is written by a real person. You can add a personal touch through your clear yet eloquent conversation with the reader. A number of writers use complex or one-sided language without taking into account the wants of the reader. For your business letter to stand out and for you to be recognized, you should definitely use a structure but take the preferences of the readers into account and choose your words accordingly so that your words have more depth and meaning.

As a writer, you need to explain what your letter means. The specific subject matter must be clearly depicted. Individuals who are reading your letters, faxes, e-mails and notes do not know your body language, tone of voice or facial expressions for they cannot see you personally. Your letter represents you: your voice, expression and action. To get through your readers, you need to write as you speak keeping the reader and the message in mind. You should write as if you speak at your best. To be more precise, it is when your words, sentences and paragraphs are more defined and courteous than your everyday speech. offers cutomized business letter writing services in dubai. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tips for successful blogging, follow us at

Blogging has been a successful marketing tool in the recent times. It is a very effective way of connecting with your audience. Thousands of blogs are posted on everyday basis. But to attract traffic to your blog is indeed a difficult task. Implementing a few basic tips can do the trick and can gain traction to your blogs. 

1.      Identify your target audience
A blog cannot exist randomly. It needs to written specifically for a niche set of readers. This will make your blog unique and will help you distinguish yourself from the clutter of thousands of blogs. Identify your readers and assess what they enjoy reading the most. This will help you develop exceptional content specifically targeting your niche audience.
2.      Content is the king
Simply having a blog and posting casual stuff can be self-destructing. Content is the most crucial aspect of a blog. If your content is strong and benefits the readers in some way or the other, the blog will definitely become popular.
3.      Spice up your blog with images or videos
Plain text can sometimes be boring to read. Incorporate images and videos to make the blog interesting for readers. Visual images always create an impact on the readers.
4.      Use social media to promote the blog
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be effectively used to share your blog posts. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for blog sharing. Promoting your post amongst professionals can definitely boost the popularity of your blog.
5.      Optimize your posts for SEO
SEO is one of the key tools to gain traction to your blogs. If you are determined to make full utilization of your blog, then you cannot miss the SEO. It is vital to provide fresh and relevant content regularly for SEO to work organically.
6.      Post regularly
The blogs should be regularly updated. Outdated and irrelevant content doesn’t do any good for your blog. Fresh and interesting content should be posted at least twice a week to keep the audience interested in your blog.

If you feel your blog lacks the punch, it is never too late to hire a professional blogger to create exceptional blogs for you. provides one of the best blog writing services in Dubai. Our professional team bloggers are full equipped to handle all your requirements. Please contact for further details on 043554850

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