Wednesday, 7 June 2023

5 Tips for writing interesting blogs

Blog writing is often considered easy, however, if you want to keep your readers engaged, you need to deliver exceptionally well-structured blogs. Whether you are writing the blog yourself or taking help from an expert Writers group, make sure the blog on your website is interesting enough to catch the attention of the reader and unique enough to draw in more traffic. Here are some tricks to write a convincing and interesting blog.

Pick an Intriguing Topic

Select a topic that incites the interest of your audience. Instead of using old boring topics, look for new dimensions and deliver fresh perspectives that haven’t been covered before. For instance, if you are writing for a tech business, focus on the increasing use of AI technologies or the importance of SaaS services rather than writing about the importance of tech services. The purpose of your blog should be to inform and educate your audience as well as cover the expectations of your client or business.

Catchy Headline

The headline is the first thing your readers read, so it has to be interesting and intriguing enough to hold the attention of the reader. The best trick is to use catch the attention by posing questions or using powerful words. However, make sure that your headline makes relevant to the blog. It should give a peak of what the readers are about to read on.

A Strong Introduction

Writing a strong introduction helps in keeping the readers hooked to the blog. The best introduction is the one that encourages readers to think and explore more about the topic. Just like the headline, it should be able to grab the attention of the readers. A poorly written introduction is one of the major reasons for poor retention of readers on your website. Use statistics, mention anecdotes, or quotations to bring more validity and diversity to your argument.

Follow a conversational tone

If you want to build a connection with your audience, write in a conversational style. Think of your audience sitting in front of you listening to you. You would not want to use complex jargon, long sentences, or unfamiliar words that take away their attention. As per expert writers, think of a fight-grade student when writing a blog. Use a language that is easily understood by a student studying in grade 5.

Use interesting visuals

Incorporating images, graphs, or videos is another trick to improve the performance of your blog. The use of visuals enhances the impact of the blog and creates a lasting effect. It is also a great way to support your argument through the use of a relevant image without depending on lots of words. For instance, if you are writing about the harms of termite infestation, then using the right infestation images could support your argument tremendously.

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