Saturday, 8 April 2017

15 Questions to Ask When You Review Your Paper

When you are reviewing your research paper, these are some of questions that you need to ask yourself and some aspects that you need to consider. These points will guide you in your evaluation and create helpful suggestions for you to proceed further with your work.

·         What writing style have you used?
·         Are the results and the contributions motivational for others to read your study?
·         Do you cover everything about your paper in the introduction in a clear manner?
·         Is your work interesting or at par with the current trend to keep the reader enticed?
·         Do you provide appropriate background information of your topic?
·         Are all your descriptions, tables and figures clear?
·         Have you done proper research on your topic and are the findings significant?
·         Is the approach clearly explained and well laid out?
·         Do you justify or provide evidence for each point?
·         Is your research properly grounded in the literature and appropriate theory?
·         Are the limitations of your research clearly stated?
·         Have you performed a complete analysis and drawn insightful conclusion?
·         Is your conclusion significant and does it provide prominent insights?
·         Will you provide your future research plans in the paper?
·         Did you use important, adequate and current citations?

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