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Tips To Complete Your Dissertation On Time! PART 2, follow us at

This is a continuation of the previous article on the completion of dissertation. In this part we will discuss the ways which will help you complete your dissertation on time.

6. Don’t Walk Away
When you feel like giving up, think about how far you have come and how close you are to your destination. Do not let go of the satisfaction that you will have when you are done with your research. If you feel that you are stuck at one particular part for long then you need to move to another section. But if you still feel that you can’t write and have this urge to give up then you need to sit down, take a deep breath and do a little more research to nourish your mind with more information. Instead of forcing yourself to write, you can assess your work and create certain structural changes that will bring clarity to your work. With your persistence and determination, you can get through it and finish your dissertation.

7. Give Your Best
You need to remember that what you are researching, writing and doing is not going to be perfect. It is not the only aspect of your life and you should not treat is as your magnum opus. A dissertation needs to be of superior quality. The way it’s written should be good enough for it to be published. In order for it to be recognized in the academe, it needs to go through several revisions. Once it has been altered then it reached the level of excellence. You need to give it your best for it reflects your knowledge and understanding. At the same time, you need to be open to changes so that your work will showcase your performance and will help others in their research.

8. Take Notes
Taking notes is necessary for your research for it will help you keep a record of the knowledge that you have acquired during the research making process. It will also save you time since you will not have to go through the same resources or information again. You will also find yourself less tired and more creative when you are writing your dissertation. Through your notes, you will also avoid plagiarism by taking into account proper quotes and citations. By appropriately giving credit and taking notes, you will produce work that is unique, original and irreplaceable. 

9. Continue Your Research
It is good to write, it is better to continually write and it is the best to write in order to re-write. But when you are stuck and your mind is blocked, aside from taking a deep breathe, you need to read more sources and research on your topic further so that you can strengthen your mind with appropriate data which will take you to the right direction. An empty is mind will only give you a hollow work. Taking a break for a short period of time for reading and researching will rejuvenate your mind, enhance your writing and be beneficial for the completion of your work.

10.  Slice Your Time

Set aside large portions of time to write. A few hours a day is needed get your mind on track and rolling.  If there is any distraction or temptation then try your best to avoid it and focus on your priority which is to complete your thesis on time. Writing a dissertation requires ample time and momentum. You need to segregate your time so that you can focus on your research and give your attention to other aspects of life.

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