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Tips on being a GOOD Copywriter! PART 2, follow us on

Copywriting is the art of converting people through words and images. If you are a creative soul who loves to read and write then copywriting may just be for you! For you to learn the art of copy writing, the following tips are presented to help you create a niche for yourself, explore the world of copywriting and make yourself a good copywriter. The Second part focuses on the aspects that will introduce you to the process of copywriting so that you can create outstanding content that lingers on the mind of your readers.

6.      Go Beyond
A great content gives your readers what they want. It answers their queries, makes them feel that they are part of the copy and gives them as a sense of inclusion. If you are writing about a particular topic, such as travelling, you need to make sure that your audience is given utmost attention. You can describe the place by delving on its great location, amazing food, happening night life, terrific shopping districts and wonderful sights to see. In all these aspects, your viewers are at the fore front for they are your travelers and through your article they will get to see the place better. To grab their interest, you need to touch their inner cord which is related to their love of travelling and how your copy satisfies their longing and yearning for it.
7.      Dig Deeper
Tell an interesting story when you are writing your copy. Oftentimes, we fall into the trap of what can be seen. But to get them to take notice of your work, you need to go beyond the usual and dig deeper into the desires of the readers. For example, if you want to sell an online English speaking course then you could write “Learn English at Home in 15 days” but that will not solve the purpose. Instead of the writing a copy that is superficial, you need to find out the reason on why the individual wants to learn English. Instead of writing the usual, you can write your headline as “Speak confidently and get anything that you want!” This will entice the reader and make them feel connected to the article.
8.      Animate it
To make your copy more interesting, make it visually attractive to the viewer. Use a good font that is large enough to read and appealing to the eyes. If you can place striking photographs to convey your message to the audience then it will be better. A variety of effects can be used on the text to emphasize it further. To make the content more short and crisp, bullet points or numbers can be placed.  Paragraphs can be indented and various quotes can be used to garner attention. You can also create headings and sub-heading for each paragraph. Visual cues can also be positioned on each section which is significant for the reader.
9.      Be Clear
As a copywriter, it is good to play with words, but it is always better to be brief and straight to the point than astute. To see what kinds of words need to be used, you must research on the personality of the brand and the character of the company. Once you have clear picture of what your client wants then you will be able to reap greater rewards with your copy achieving popularity. For copywriting is an art that is dependent on your invisible skill of selling.
10.  Break the Stereotype
A good copywriter knows when to break the rules of grammar, use novel techniques of writing or change the syntax. For you to learn the art of copywriting, you need to understand your audience. Your language is, firstly, dependent on the person that you are writing for and secondly on the product, service or company. Your words represent your conversation with your prospective viewers. You need to make sure that whatever you are writing is not only easily understood by your readers but also remembered by them. 
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