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A dissertation is a product of your knowledge and understanding. It is one of the most important project undertaken by you that highlights your skill as a student and researcher.  It is a structured piece of writing which examines a subject matter in detail. It is an independent study where you gather the evidence and evaluate them in order to prove its existence. It is an extended piece of work that is divided into different section to respond to the primal question. To reach to the higher level of learning, you need to produce a literature that sums up your experiences as a student. Your dissertation depicts your ability to choose a research topic that is viable and gather the supporting materials on your own which is reliable.

In order to finish your dissertation, you need to be focused, dedicated and determined. Here are a few tips to help you finish what you started.

1.      Start Writing
Writing a dissertation can quickly become a tiring task due to its complexities. It is an ongoing project that will be reviewed by your professor and revised by you several times to get the precise answer of your research question. Continual revision may lead you to exhaustion and then to procrastination. To avoid such a scenario, continue writing no matter what. It is better to put your ideas, thoughts and answers in paper rather than to let it remain in your head.

2.      Don’t Stop Writing
You might have confusion regarding the direction of your research but once it is on paper then you will have a clear view on where your study is going and how far it is reaching. Once you are on a continual process of writing then you will be able to determine which parts need more attention and which section needs to changed. You will be rewarded for your perseverance for you will be astonished that through writing your research is taking shape and solutions are being made.

3.      Write and Rewrite
Don not be consumed by perfection. The beauty of a dissertation lies in the mistakes. You need to read, research, study, take notes and determine which information is suitable for your research and what should be included in your study. You need to keep in mind that your project must keep on moving. Whether you spend the whole day, half day or few hours in it, the point is that your writing should not stop. While writing you need to keep in mind, that your 1st draft is not the last and that many more revisions will come. Once you have placed your thoughts on paper, feel free to fix certain parts and alter your word choices. After all, we are human and changes are part of our life.

4.      Give It Time
To develop your overall argument, you need to form a solid thesis statement and methodology. For that, you need to spend a generous amount of time to do adequate research to find out what are the gaps in your study, what needs to be answered and which approach should be used. You need to create your own structure and create a calendar in which you can designate your time appropriately to each matter. By giving time to yourself and your research, you will be able to plan according and would be able to write and rewrite your thesis so that you will determine your pace, and direction.

5.      Keep Moving

If you get stuck then do not worry. Take a deep breath or take a short break and move onto another section. There are times when your mind gets tired, in order to energize, we need to do an activity that distracts the weariness of the mind or just rest. Shutting your mind for a short time, boosts its thinking process. Once your mind got its time then you need to keep on moving. Either you can tackle what you have left of or move on to another fragment of your dissertation so that each part gets completed gradually. You need to make sure that in the thesis writing process you are giving yourself a good amount of time to study, rest, write and rewrite. It is your energy level that will determine the pace of your research. As you continue to progress, you will avoid panic moments and form a habit of writing that will help you complete your research.  

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