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Tips on becoming a GOOD Copywriter! PART-1, follow us @

Copywriting is the art of converting people through words and images. It is a written content that is visible through print and online format. Its main purpose is to make the reader take an action which is to either purchase, recommend or opt in with a company, service or product. A good copywriter is known as “a salesman in print.” He or she creates remarkable content that the reader finds striking. With the play of words, the copywriter attracts the readers to get their point successfully across through various modes such as creating taglines, jingles, press releases, scripts, billboards, catalogs, post cards, brochures, sales letters and many more.

If you are a creative soul who loves to read and write then copywriting may just be for you! For you to learn the art of copy writing, the following tips are presented to help you create a niche for yourself, explore the world of copywriting and make yourself a good copywriter. The first part focuses on the aspects that will introduce you to the process of copywriting so that you can create outstanding content that lingers on the mind of each and every individual.

1.      Seek Knowledge
Research is a valuable act in the art of copywriting and advertising. To create one simple but power line and knit few words into a seamless content, you need to have the knowledge of thousand words which comes through reading and researching. By filling your mind with limitless information, you create a surge of terms and expressions for yourself. A good copywriter is a banker who keeps on depositing valuable information through research and when the time comes to use it, he withdraws from his bank of knowledge. As Francis Bacon has said “knowledge is power.” With an abundance of information, your possibilities are endless.
2.      Focus on Interest
For a number of writers, the first line is sometimes the hardest. When you don’t know how to begin or what to write, just remember the interests of the audience that you are writing for. What makes them gleam, what do they like and what interests them most are the questions that you must be pondering upon. Oftentimes, we think we are writing for ourselves but the fact is that we are writing for the readers out there. A good copywriter has the ability to convey the truth in an interesting manner. He portrays the truth in such a way that it catches the attention of the readers and makes them think. You need to make it entertaining by creating a story and adding a controversy to it. The main point that it should remain in your reader’s mind which will guide them to take a formidable action. 
3.      Be Unique
To make your copy more fascinating, you need to make it more appealing. You need to add a your personality, depth and character to it even if you know you are writing it for someone else for your work should always be distinct and memorable. For every writer or brand is unique and comes with their own respective personality. They have their own style and voice and its needs to be portrayed in a noteworthy manner. It should make yourself as a copywriter stand out. The brand, service, product or company that you are writing for should be emphasized in your writing. The words should be defined sharply so that you can get the attention of maximum number of people. Before your work is published, you need to take into account that your personality as a copywriter and the nature of the brand shines through your copy. It should match the needs, wants and desires of your target audience.
4.      Powerful Headline
Your headline is the soul of your copy. Without a powerful, engaging and interesting headline, your copy will not be searched, read, recommended or distributed by your target audience. Create a headline that is one of kind, current, specific and useful. It should be understandable yet questionable, simple yet deep. It should activate the emotions of your readers and be beneficial to them. Your headline is read more than the body of your copy and it is worth more than all the words you have written in it. It is a dominant of part your work so you have to make sure that it not only touches the mark but goes beyond it. In order for you to generate an attention-grabbing headline, you can start writing your copy first and when you are done or during the process of writing, if you get a Eureka moment, then get the strongest phrase and use it as your headline.  This eliminates the wastage of time and your headline is linked to your copy.
5.      Crisp Content

Simplicity is a form of elegance and elegance never goes out style. Your copy needs to be simple enough that it can be understood by everyone who reads but it needs to have a certain form of sophistication which gets your point across. Writing a crisp content does not mean that you will not include the necessary parts. It means that your copy will have the significant information included in a straightforward, direct, concise and clear manner. It makes the life of your target audience easier since they understand the your matter, what your offering, and the benefits of the product or service quickly. This in turn makes them take action speedily which is the main goal of your copy. 
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