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Tips on being a GOOD Copywriter! PART 4, follow us on

Copywriting is the art of converting people through words and images. If you are a creative soul who loves to read and write then copywriting may just be for you! For you to learn the art of copy writing, the following tips are presented to help you create a niche for yourself, explore the world of copywriting and make yourself a good copywriter. The fourth part is focused on the aspects that will introduce you to the process of copywriting so that you can create outstanding content that lingers on the mind of your readers.
16. Add value

A good copywriter not only describes the product or service but also lists its benefits. Instead of expounding on the features alone, the copy writer states the essential elements and its purpose of use to the reader. An appealing content focuses on what the product does rather than what it is. The headlines become more appealing when the title highlights the value of the brand.
17. Make them believe
Try to aim for instant gratification by sharing your knowledge about the product or service with the readers. Once the audience identifies themselves with you through your content, they will have confidence in your words and develop a form of trust in you. The trick is to elevate the desire of your readers by making them believe that they have understood the product or service. Hence, the only aspect remaining is to go out and take an action.
18. Aim for positive response
If your readers have said yes to you once then there is a probability that they will say yes to you again. A good copywriter makes his audience think. You readers are your greatest critics. If they like what you have written then you can get a positive response from them. They have the ability to go out of there way and pick up the copy that you have written because they believe in you. In order to garner that reaction, write a question, phrase or statement that will get their minds going through your writing.
19. Add some sentiment
As a good copywriter, you got to have some sentiment in you and in your work. To touch the chord of your audience, incorporate emotions in your copy to understand your audience and make your copy stand out from the regular content out there. When writing your copy, you need to take into account the deepest desires of your readers and how you can catch hold of them through your words. There are a number of feelings that you can tap into but the most prominent are anger, fear, guilt, greed, exclusivity, flattery and salvation. Aside from creating a copy that is evidence –based, inserting certain key emotions will increase its validity and make it appear more human to the readers.

20. Place a hook
When you are writing a topic, make sure that you have done your research. A good copywriter reads different articles that are related to his subject matter and filters in the relevant information that can be added to his copy. Aside from that, he tries to find key elements that are out of the ordinary or unusual in some way. Once you have listed all the exceptional points from the various articles that you have read, you can give a unique angle to your story and add a hook that will make your copy stand out from the rest. By incorporating a hook in your copy, the reader’s interest is generated, they feel intrigued by you and undivided attention is given to your work. 

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