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Tips To Complete Your Dissertation On Time! PART 3, follow us at

This is a continuation of the previous article on the completion of dissertation. In this part we will discuss the ways that will help you complete your dissertation on time!

11.  Take care of yourself

For us to write well, generate new ideas, and work at the right speed, our mind and body need to be in harmony with each other. To achieve balance, it is essential to get adequate sleep, do the proper amount of activity or exercise and eat well or else fatigue will set in and our productivity will suffer to such a degree that we will not be able to produce quality work. Our ability to concentrate for a prolonged period of time on a subject matter is dependent on the energy we have for the day. Our act of completing the task is connected to amount of time we spend on taking care of ourselves and our bodies. Since the mind is part of the body and it is the generator of the ideas, if our mind is not well rested then we are unable to think and write properly. In order to produce quality thesis and finish it on time, you need to not only work hard but rest well.

12. Stay on Track

Writing a dissertation and completing it with satisfaction requires dedication and discipline. When you segregate your time for research and writing, you need to make sure that you are not distracted by other tasks or entities. For that you need to find your own space where you can work on your dissertation in peace. Multi-tasking may be an amazing ability but for your writing process it is absolutely not advisable. What is needed is for you to focus and keep away from all the temptations. It is always good to do one thing at a time that generates quality work that doing many things which may not lead to satisfactory work. By multi-tasking or giving your attention to too many things at one time, you tend to tire your brain and that in turn leads to less efficiency of work. By saving your energy and concentrating on your dissertation, you will not be distracted and will be able to think and write better.

13. Don’t Be Stuck

The start of a paragraph or a particular section always takes a lot of time. Instead of being stuck in the beginning, work on the body of the chapter first. Once you are done, you can return to write the introduction. The trick here is that when you have written the body, you have enough information stored in your mind that will help you introduce the matter easily and effectively. You might be interested to write the introduction first but if the thought is not coming to you then don’t force it. Don’t waste your time on what you are not getting. Instead move on and preserve the time you have on hand so that you can produce better work.

14.  Write on Paper

Once in a while when you get frustrated of looking at the screen and need another scenery to look at, which will not take you away but bring you closer to your work, is a piece of paper. By jotting down your ideas on paper, your mind is stimulated for you are able to illustrate your discussion in a concise manner. If you are having a sudden surge of ideas the you can grab a piece of paper and write your key words in a bullet point format, create a diagram which outlines the chapter or sketch the relevant words in boxes and connect them with lines and arrows. This is will help you get a clear view on the direction of your paper. It will help you assess the factors that are already present and that need to be included.

15. Walk It Up

Your body needs activity and walking promotes creativity. Whether it’s walking inside your room, on the street or in the garden, wherever you feel comfortable, you need to stand up and go out for a walk. Sitting in one position for a long time can get very uncomfortable. You tend to develop stiff shoulders, back pain or painful legs. If you feel that your body is feeling tight and your mind is feeling low then stretch your hands wide, stand up and start walking. The change of view, sound of music, chatter of people or refreshing stroll in the park is all you need to rejuvenate and re-energize you. Your walking will improve your writing.

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