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A Tagline is a catch phrase, slogan or punchline that is used in promotion, marketing and/or advertising. It leaves a lasting impression once it is seen, heard or written by the individual. If created appropriately, it summarizes the benefits of the product or service in one line or few words. Whether it is business or an idea, the tagline offers complete information that is for long-term and memorable. A great tagline engages and entices the audience. It helps them understand the concept better and gives them a clear view of the notion behind the creation. To write striking taglines, we have written few tips below.
  •          Simplicity in words

Don’t say too much in one line. The purpose of a tagline is to be crisp, concise and understandable. Its true strength lies in its simplicity. To express yourself, product, business, idea or service, you need to only use three to five words. These few words should help you get your vision and/or mission across to your audience.

  •          Be direct

Keeping too many slogans for one product or service creates a sense of confusion. It is vague and follows the generic path of a lifestylist who wants to say everything at one go without realizing the complexities of it. By making your slogan too ambiguous, it becomes hollow, soulless and unrelated. Your taglines should be direct and should speak for itself.

  •          Create a story  

A tagline is not a hodge-podge of a few words. It is in fact words intertwined together to tell a story that has meaning and portrays the idea in a precise yet unswerving manner. Your tagline, together with your logo, should have the ability to communicate the feeling of your brand to your audience.

  •          Explain properly

The greatest taglines are not only simple and memorable but they also are functional. They capture the essence of your business and explain the product or service to your customers in the shortest time possible by using powerful yet minimal words.

  •          Provide visualization

Your tagline showcases the picture you want to present to your readers. Your tagline which represents your brand should be all about clarity. It illustrates what your brand is about in a visual manner. If your brand relates to the youth then you need to make a tagline that is according to the youth. If your brand relates to luxury then a tagline should be created that connects to high quality and achievement. Your tagline is the image of your brand.

  •          Be focused

Your tagline should be pleasing but it shouldn’t lose your brand’s identity. In order to do that, you need to be focused on the idea, brand, product or service. Your aim should be to capture your tagline in a few words that is the best description of your company. It should evoke some kind of thought or feeling which will make the reader enticed to get to know the firm and what they are offering better.

  •          Grab attention

A great tagline should have the ability to stay in the minds of people. Once they are exposed to it, the words should linger and be engrained in their thoughts. In order to do that, your tagline needs to grab attention. It should go beyond ordinary and have a unique character. At times, to create an attention-grabbing tagline, you need to create some level of controversy, mystery or ingenuity.

  •          Keep it crisp and concise

With few words, your tagline needs to convey a lot. The power lies in the choice of your words. It should speak to your audience and assure them of your commitment as an trustworthy company. Depending on your brand, your tagline should portray emotions that are related to its application. Creating a slogan is not only about marketing but it is also about creating a loyal base of customers.

  •          Say what’s right

You don’t have to be carried away when you are making your tagline. It should stand out but it should be truthful. A great tagline is not easy to create for their purpose is not only to establish the company and sell the brand but to evolve the company in the best manner possible. Avoid the pitfalls of making taglines that are too explanatory, predictive or cutesy. There should be some edge to it but not every tagline needs a rhyme, pun or alliteration.

  •          Be focused

The more precise your tagline is the more you, your product or firm will be remembered. The broader it is, the more difficult it will be to keep that tagline in their mind. Therefore, a tagline needs to be focused and specific. It should be directed towards a particular product or service and should be in line with the current trend. Once your tagline is driven by a scenario then it will stray in people’s mind for it triggers their memory and creates better understanding. offers best taglilne writing help in Dubai, UAE. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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