Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tips on being a GOOD Copywriter! PART 6, follow us at http://writers.ae

Copywriting is the art of converting people through words and images. If you are a creative soul who loves to read and write then copywriting may just be for you! For you to learn the art of copy writing, the following tips are presented to help you create a niche for yourself, explore the world of copywriting and make yourself a good copywriter. The sixth part is focused on the aspects that will introduce you to the process of copywriting so that you can create outstanding content that lingers on the mind of your readers.

26. Customer orientation
To create an effective and efficient copy, you need to start with the customer. A good copy writer talks directly to his audience by using the word “you” at least twice in his content. It builds trust in your copy and makes them feel important. Readers usually don’t like to look into websites and read brochures that only talk about the company. In order to get more results and attract a huge base of clientele you need to focus on their desires and needs. This will make your copy sound more convincing, increase web traffic and escalate the value of sales.
27. Persuasion is the key
To be a persuasive copywriter, your content needs to gain attention. Choose headlines or topics that are current or are need of consideration. Focus on the customer and the benefits that it will bring them if they read your copy, purchase the product, avail the service or trust the brand that you are offering. Your copy is also a source in which you stand out from the rest and are differentiated from the competition. Through your work, you are able to prove your point and persuade the readers to take a form of action that is beneficial to you and to the one that you are writing for. You work cultivates value and you are able to establish integrity y in the market which makes the reader take an action. 
28. Power of visuals
Human beings are visual creatures. At times, to make your work look more appealing and interesting, instead of using words or numbers, you can add certain images. It will help the readers connect with you and identify the particular situation better. You can incorporate visuals according to the headline, slogan or topic you have used to add more depth, color or animation to your article. By portraying an image, you create great content and your message and its benefits are conveyed instantly.
29. The beginning
The beginning of your copy is where your strongest selling point is placed. Make sure that your significant ideas are present in the first few sentences of your text. Most of the readers usually go through the beginning of your copy rather than the whole section. To make a compelling, appealing and persuasive copy, you need to put your greatest idea forward. Your one best point, when stated correctly in the beginning, has the ability to grab the undivided attention of your readers.
30. Credible copy
When you communicate the value of trust through your work, you build credibility with your reader. You create powerful, engaging and unique content that is believable and searchable. You are able to persuade them to buy your copy and act upon the message that you are conveying. To build your authority as a copywriter, you need to expound on specific facts that places emphasis on guarantees, returns and privacy policies. You also need to illustrate various testimonials, track record and data archive to back up your claim. The years of business, innovations, awards, publications, seal of approval, professional affiliations, agency ratings, survey results and media coverage contents may also be included that will add up to your and your work’s credibility.

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