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A questionnaire is created for the purpose of a survey or statistical study. It is a set of printed or written questions with specific number of choices. A questionnaire that garners a low response rate is very disappointing for the researcher or student for this affects the validity of their study. A well-constructed questionnaire minimizes the non-response rate and increases the credibility of your research. In order for the student to have plausible and reliable study, we have created certain guidelines which will help you develop your questionnaire.

·         Keep your language simple
Write your questions in simple and unambiguous manner which can be understood by the readers. Avoid using jargon or abbreviations which may be beyond the comprehension of the target audience. Try your level best to not make any mistakes in your questionnaire as it will be distributed to a number of individuals. Asses your grammar and spelling to ensure that the language is appropriate. Ask someone to proofread your document to ensure that is logical and fathomable.
·         Keep it neutral
Don’t make the language too formal and informal. It is not a standard, legal or official document nor is it casual or colloquial text. Keep your language neutral. Make sure that your vocabulary, or grammar is at par with the language used in the study.

·         Write stimulation questions
Grab the attention of the reader by creating interesting and relevant questions that will involve the respondent from start to finish. The complicated questions can be written below the stimulating ones. To begin your questionnaire, you could write one or two non-specialized questions that discusses in a third person format rather than the first.

·         Don’t assume
Assumptions create misleading questions which make the reader lose interest in answering the questionnaire. If the question is asking about a particular preference then it is better to give specific choices which will make the respondent feel comfortable.

·         Limit open-ended questions
Open-ended questions require personal response. They more difficult to analyze and categorize. Answering personal or open-ended questions take more time than yes and no format or rating scales. It is better not to start with questions like these so the reader won’t find the questionnaire too tedious or time consuming. If it is required by the study then you may use it and include it in the end but it is better to limit it in number. For the answer to such questions, it will be appropriate not to leave too much space for the answer. If the respondents see that too much space is left (ex: half a page) then they may feel that they have to fill it and will be discouraged from answering the remaining questions.

·         Utilize simple rating scales and list of choices
Try to make your questionnaire as simple as possible. In order to get the right answer, try using not only simplistic language but also rating scales. If the respondent is faced with a long list of scales or choices, then they may feel disheartened to answer. The researcher may consider five as the maximum number.

·         Place your questions in consistent manner
The flow of questions should be logical and consistent. It should make sense and flow from the previous one. You can start with two general questions and the rest you can make it more specific. This will create a logical flow and make your questionnaire more relatable to the audience.

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