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A dissertation is a structured piece of work that is written to respond to the central question in the paper. It contains a detailed examination of your subject matter and evidence to prove it. The research question that is based on the chosen topic which is significant for the development of the study. In order for you to select the right topic, it is important to understand the process of choosing a research topic.
1.       You need to look inside and not outside
The topic you have chosen must be based on your interest. You can utilize topics that are part of your job, the course of work, research papers and other projects that you have been involved in. You need to create a topic rather that finding a used one and build on what you have. You also need to find a way in which you can leverage your topic upon graduation. If you are not passionate about your topic then you are unlikely to pursue it.
2.      Make sure it’s the right one
To evaluate your topic, you need set criteria which bring your closer to the purpose of your study. Please answer the following questions written below:
a.      Are you aware of the scholarly literature available?
b.      Are you passionate to pursue your chosen topic?
c.       Is your topic feasible?
d.      Do you have the resources available?
e.      Are you able to do your research within the time-frame?
f.        Is your topic within the level of your proficiency?
g.      Is your topic significant for the present time?
h.     Is your topic practical or theoretical in terms?
i.        Is your topic novel or has it been done before?
j.        Does your topic take you in the direction of your choice?
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