Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to Write a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a brief summary of your study. It illustrates the prime issues and questions that you want to address in your research. It describes your topic and outlines the area of your study.
In a research proposal, several sections are included. This article will explore the first few sections of the research proposal and will highlight its importance.

The introduction section of the research proposal provides the readers with the background of the research. It illustrates the framework and depicts the purpose of the research. It lays the foundation for the discussion of the research problem. It builds interest and reaches out to a specific audience. By appropriately introducing the topic of study and aligning it with the theory or line of inquiry, the reader is able to familiarize the readers with the different sections of the research proposal.

The statement of the problem section explains the context of the study and it also identifies the general analysis approach. It provides a discussion on the conceptual or theoretical framework which is necessary for the creation of the study. It is important that your problem statement must stand out, discuss the reason for conducting research and is easily understood by the readers.

The purpose of the study section provides a synopsis of the objectives of your study. It defines the specific area of your research and explains specific information in detail. It incorporates the rationale of your study and identifies the unit of analysis and classifies the central concepts used in the study. 

The research question section delves on the topic of your research. It states the relationship between two or more variables in a question format. It can come in form of hypothesis which is a declarative statement that links the variables together. The research question depends on specific factors such as the purpose of the study, nature of the design, methodology and research audience.

The research design section is the heart of the research proposal. It reveals the methodological steps you will take to answer each question and test the hypothesis illustrated in the questions or hypotheses section. It demarcates the variables and recognizes sources of error which your research design is exposed to. It uses various tools in methodology such as sampling method, instrumentation procedure and data collection and analysis techniques to acquire apposite findings. 
The limitation and delimitation section identifies the weakness of the study. It analyzes the instruments, samples, and tools used in the study. It discusses the threats to the internal validity of the research and solutions to avoid or minimize those threats. This section also addresses the narrow scope of the study and explains the aspects that were not chosen as a research material in the study.

The significance of the study section will expound on the process on how the research will improve, enhance and expound on the area that is under investigation. It will state the refinements, revisions, and connections that it will have on theory and methods incorporated in the study. It will shed light on the benefits that the study will have on future researches. It will take into account the results of the theoretical framework, suggestions for current and future research, contribution to the academic society, influences on the programs, interventions utilized in the proposal, educational policy decisions, and improvements in the research study with different kinds of innovations.

Other sections that may be part of the research proposal is the review of related literature and references. The researcher, depending on his guidelines, can incorporate these sections and the ones mentioned above. The whole process can be a tedious and time-consuming one. In order for you to write a good research proposal, you need to do adequate research accompanied with great writing skills. With our expert researchers and writers, we create unique and innovative solutions for you. We customize your work according to your requirements and guarantee that we will produce unique, original, authentic and plagiarism-free content for you.

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