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A presentation is a form of communication that can be utilized for the purpose of speaking to a group, briefing a team and addressing a meeting. In a broader aspect, it covers all other speaking engagements. To create an effectual presentation, a step-by-step preparation, method or process of presenting information is needed. A good presentation has the ability to get the message across to the listeners and incorporates a persuasive element. The steps that are listed below will guide in the preparation of a good presentation.

·         Plan your presentation appropriately
Creating a presentation which is adequately written and appropriately designed in a specific amount of time can be an overwhelming venture for some. Certain steps and strategies are needed to make your task more manageable and your presentation stands out.

·         Select your topic
Before the planning and preparation phase, you need to select a topic that is of interest to you or the organization. You need to do adequate research and summarize each section into points which will be easier for the audience to read. Once you know your topic and have the appropriate information, it will be simpler to create and deliver a presentation.

·         Analyze your audience
In order for you to prepare a good presentation, you need to know who you will be speaking to. You need to get information on the background, interests and values of your audience so that you can increase your understanding and know what the audience expects from you.

·         Describe the aim of your presentation
After selecting a topic, you need to state the goal of your presentation in a single, crisp and concise manner. The aim of your presentation is to specify what you want your audience to learn from it. The base and content of your presentation is dependent on the availability of time and background of your audience.

·         Write the body of your presentation
You need to determine the amount of information you want to include keeping in mind the allotted time. Add the right kind of elements for your audience to comprehend and relate to the presentation. Make sure your presentation is not too basic or advanced. It is as per with the organization’s or audience’s requirements. It presents your ideas in a clear manner. To back up your ideas, you need to provide the necessary evidence or data available. The body of your presentation should provide variety and the strategies which will guide you to make an effective body is listed below.

1.       Present precise data and facts
2.       State quotes from experts
3.       Illustrate your personal experience
4.       Provide accurate descriptions 

·         Prepare the introduction and conclusion
Once the body of the presentation is created, you need to formulate an introduction that is attention-grabbing and a conclusion that summarizes and re-iterates your points in an impactful manner. The introduction should articulate certain points that will build the interest of your audience which is listed below.

1.       Make the introduction applicable to the listeners' goals or values
2.       Ask questions  that will stimulate the thinking of the audience
3.       Share your personal experience which will make the readers connect to you
4.       Start with a joke or funny story which will lighten the mood
5.       If needed, show a cartoon or colorful visual
6.       Make us of an inspirational statement
7.       Generate a unique design or give a memorable demonstration

·         Practice makes perfect
After you are done with your preparation, you need to set a time where you can practice and refine your presentation. While practicing, you can observe yourself and reduce or eliminate the number of times you say words or phrases like “hmm, well, you know and right.” When these irrational or meaningless words are used, it reduces your credibility and showcases the lack of confidence on the presenter’s part. By practicing, you get to review your content further and elaborate on the significant points.  You also get to choose on the process of delivering the content by using your memory, cards, notes on paper or script-reading. You can also use a combination of methods or just use one method where you can assess its advantages and disadvantages.

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