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10 Essential Steps for Writing a Business Agreement, follow us at

A business agreement is a guide that helps both parties decide on the terms and conditions of the venture. It lays down the foundation of the contract and secures the role of each party. With a legally binding agreement, the status of the business relationship is stated. If one party draws up the agreement then both parties will sign it to acknowledge the terms and conditions. For one to understand the process of creating a business agreement, 10 essential steps are written below.

·         To establish an effective date, clearly state the date on the agreement
  •       By doing this you will ensure the effectiveness of the contract and make the terms stated unobjectionable.

·         List down the parties that are part of the agreement by stating the complete name/s of the business and/or parties involved.
  • The name of the parties is the most basic and starting point of the contract. Make sure that the formal name is used in the contract and is clearly stipulated in the agreement. It should be spelled correctly and must be used legally.

·         Define the terms appropriately
  • The services which the party/s will perform to meet the requirements must be stated accurately on the contract. The performed services may be written in detail to avoid any confusion. If it involves a task like company profile designing then in your agreement you need to state the length, purpose and other relevant information which is necessary for the completion of the contract.

·         Describe other parties and/or duties involved
  • If the service involves writing and designing then you need to make sure which data will be provided by the party and which will be done in-house.

·         Lay down the payment terms for the transaction
  • This section incorporates the total number of that will be availed and performed by the respective parties, how much will each service cost and date in which the deposit and final payment should be done.

·         Formulate a timeline for the delivery of services
  • Include the exact dates in which the party can deliver the parts of the service to the client. In addition, state the final deadline or the days required to complete the service to avoid any confusion or delays.

·         Create a termination clause
  • The clause will explain the steps that each or both parties need to take to terminate the contract if the service is not rendered. The payment terms for the completed work should also be stated during the termination procedure. Additionally, the days in which the termination will occur need to be clearly stipulated in the contract.

·         Write a dispute clause
  • The contract must have a dispute clause in which if any problem occurs between the parties then it could be resolved easily. One example is that when a dispute arises between the parties then the method of arbitration may be applicable.

·         Determine ownership rights
  • In the contract, it should be clearly depicted which party holds the ownership rights of the product or service. The party which has performed the service can state that once the product or service is done then the company and/or worker will turn the overall rights to the customer and make no claim of ownership when the full payment of the product and/or service is done.

·         Place a signature and date line at the end of document
  • No agreement is complete without the signature of both parties. By signing the contract and stating the exact date, the contract binds the parties together and ensures their commitment to each other.

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