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The introduction familiarizes the reader with the topic or research statement. It describes the research problem or question and states the reasons behind it. This form of reasoning is called theoretical argument where is a theory is provided to test the study. It justifies the research in terms of the information provided and tests the theory in an organized manner. It discusses, explains and describes the educational phenomenon in the introduction by dissecting each part in detail. It lays the foundation of your research and states the background, problem, proposed solution, significance and other sections that are part of your introduction. To understand the 5 integral parts of the introduction, a short and general description of the concerned areas are listed below.

1.      Background of the study 
            a    State the topic of the study and make sure that is interesting, current or of value                               b    Provide the readers with background information on the chosen topic     
            c.       Lay down the foundation of your research problem in this part 
            d.   Discuss the purpose and create a framework or structure for your research
e.       Reach out to a specific audience who can relate to your study

2.      Analyze the Theoretical Foundation for the Study
a.       Organize the variables that will be used to answer the research questions                           
b.      Explain the theoretical perspective utilized in the study.
c.       State the theoretical perspectives that need to be analyzed                                                  
d.      Incorporate the theoretical definitions of the terms used in the research

3.      Statement of the Problem
a.       State the importance of the research
b.      Provide support for the problem statement

4.      Research Questions and Hypothesis
a.       State-specific research questions with a number of hypotheses for each
b.      In this section, the operationalization of variables in unnecessary
c.       Utilize theoretical questions and hypotheses in a language of constructs
d.      Ensure that the research question should state the relationship among the constructs
e.       Make sure that the research question is empirically testable or feasible
f.       Hypotheses, on the other hand, are stated in declarative statements
g.      The hypothesis should be written in an expected or predicted direction
h.      It is a research, scientific or theoretical hypotheses that are created in the present tense

5.      The significance of the Study
a.       This part discussed the importance, benefits, and advantages of the study
b.      It is an explicit statement of significance that is related to the chosen topic
c.       It is a short but powerful part of your research.
d.      It states the theoretical and practical reasons for doing the research

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