Sunday, 15 January 2017

Key Points for an AMAZING Business Plan (Part-3)
(Part 3)

Your business plan conveys your message to the world. It depicts what you want to do and who you want to be. It gives a thorough description on how you will you achieve your dreams. Make sure that your business plan is the perfect fit between you and your investor.
For the Third Part, key points under the Operational Plan and Management Team will be explained which is a major component of the Business Proposal. By examining the operational and management aspects of the Business Plan, we will ensure that you realize all your ideas and have a profitable business!

7. Operational Plan

-          Chief Operational Processes
o   The daily functions of your business is the operational processes that needs to be addressed in your business plan. You will specify the different departments that are necessary for the functioning of your company. The designated role of each individual that are working under your firm will be specified. By stating your organizational structure, their specific roles, and the important functions, you will achieve clarity on the operational processes.

-          Key Milestones

o   This section will deal with your future projection. Emphasize the importance of the company, product or service to you. Depict your key milestones by stating what you hope to achieve in the future. Show your target dates in a paragraph format or through a table or a chart that illustrate the process on how you will accomplish your objectives. In this part of the plan, you set your goals and create a step by step mechanism on attainment of your goals through various ways.

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