Monday, 23 January 2017

Key Points for an AMAZING Business Plan (Part 5)

Your business plan conveys your message to the world. Make sure that it is up to the mark. It depicts what you want to do and who you want to be. It gives a thorough description on how you will you achieve your dreams. Create an amazing business plan that is the perfect fit between you and your investor!

For the final Part, key points under the Financial Section and Appendix will be discussed which is a major component of the Business Proposal. By examining the revenue model, financial highlights, funding requirements, exit strategy and supporting documents, we will ensure that you realize all your ideas and have a profitable business!

9. Financial Plan
 This is probably the most important section of your business plan. It is a comprehensive assessment of your current financial situation and future state. This particular section showcases how much money is needed and how much can be earned in a specific amount of time. It utilizes certain variables that predict the future income, asset values and payment structure. Under the financial plan, specific sub-sections are created and they are listed below.

a.      Revenue Model
The revenue model depicts ways on how you can generate revenues. It identifies the source of income, value being offered, price being set and target clientele.

b.      Financial Highlight
The financial part highlight the present and future financial direction of the company for the next three to five years. This information guides your decision-making process on how much financing your business requires and helps the investors determine if this is a viable project to invest in. The three important aspects of the financial model are income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement which are kept in the appendix section.

c.      Usage of Funds
The financiers will get an idea on the adequate usage of funds which are linked to your revenues, expenses and projected net income for the next three to five years. In this section, you need to delve on the summary of the business, requested amount of money, usage of the funds and financial information.
d.      Exit Strategy
If you are seeking equity funding then you must illustrate your expected exit strategy. The exit strategy is the contingency plan is created for the investor, owner and/or trader to liquidate assets once a criteria has been met or exceeded.

10. Appendix

All the supporting documents such as income statement, balance sheets and cash flow statement belong in your appendix. This section convinces your readers and investors that your company will succeed and reach to great heights. 

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