Wednesday, 4 January 2017

4 Essential Time – Management Tips for Online Students, follow us at

By: Poonam Menghrajani

Through online courses, students who come from different walks of life, are given the flexibility to work at their own pace and take classes anytime and anywhere in the world.

To manage these classes, the students need to prioritize their tasks and manage their time effectively. They need to be disciplines, committed and organized. No matter what age, race and background they come from, they can avail of these online courses and make themselves more knowledgeable individuals.

These online courses offer the students online modules, face time with instructors and learning instructions at the comfort of their home. No reminder is given to them about the schedule of their classes and submission of their reports. They have to be responsible enough to keep track of their daily tasks and duties related to the study of their online course.

With every day distractions, such as jobs, family, kids, and other activities, it can be hard to focus. Here are 4 essential tips on time management from online learning veterans to you can stay on top of the game:

1.      Create a Strategy
-          Make a structure or a study calendar that will help you keep track of your work. Check your syllabus and set due dates on your calendar. Designate study times for each classes. By sticking to a plan, you will be able to manage your personal activities with online courses.

2.      Access it Daily
-          Make sure that your internet connection is set up so that you can connect to your course daily. If you have an Iphone or Android then you can check in using that and organize your timings. By checking your online course regularly and making it your daily habit, you will be prepared if any changes occurs of if an extra work is given.

3.      Move Forward
- If you know that your assignment is due in 6 weeks and not the next day then you can have an early start and make efficient use of your time. Getting ahead, having an early start and moving forward will help you focus, keep your primacies in place and also give you the extra hand of submitting better quality of work.

4.      Be Vocal
-          Don’t be hesitant to ask any questions. If you are confused, need help or any clarification, then message your instructor or mentor as early as possible. Most of the online programs have teams of advisors, instructors, trainers and counsellors to help the students during the duration of their course. So the students don’t need to be afraid and apply a proactive approach in which their voices can be heard. 

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