Monday, 1 January 2018

Trending Subjects in Thesis for MBA, Did You select?

‘Thesis’ is the most essential phase of your MBA or PhD studies. Inappropriate of the fact that you are doing it in the UAE, UK, US or Australia, or any other country.  80% of the students are in a dilemma about the selections of the topic and which is the right topic. Less than 20% of the students actually get help from their professor regarding the topic.

If you are a student and are about to start your thesis, make sure that you know your options when choosing your thesis research. For fresher’s, it is critical to understand that you can choose the topic you would like to research about and it should not be something you have studied.

Here are some trending topics in thesis. Hope this helps in you making the correct choice:

1.      Research on administration trust in public service or public management to improve trust of the firm.

2.      Research on performance management, finance management on performance

3.      Research on professionalism in the public sector, civic professionalism, current developments and changing relationship between citizens and public sector

4.      Research on management of innovation and technology, narrowing down to research and development, business model, strategy or innovation in managerial and theoretical perspective

5.      Research on business ethics and corporate responsibility, focusing on ethical issues, and sustainability for starters

6.      Research on social entrepreneurship narrowing to recent growth, developing countries, and/or innovation for society

7.      Research on marketing, covering either advertising, consumer behavior, changing buying patterns or SMEs

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