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How to Create SEO optimized content for your website, follow us at

Building a professional content can be a straight forward assignment, but creating a SEO optimized content for the website is the toughest job for a layman. SEO optimized content helps your website to rank better on the search engine result page to attract the viewers. I also helps the business to recognize the power of creating a digital content strategy. 

Here are some factors that needs to be considered while crafting SEO optimized content, the most significant of all is defining the correct ‘keywords’. Keywords are essential words that individuals search for on search engines.

Listed below are features worth bearing before clarifying out the keywords:

1.                  Number of Searches
This is very straight forward and modest. If the selected keywords have a lot of searches, it is a good starting point. If there are very no searches, then you need to find different keywords.

2.                  Relevance 
One should not use a keyword unless it is not relative to their business. The reason being it will not be relative nor helpful to the audience of your business. However, one can be creative about using irrelevant keywords and incorporating them in a way that makes sense and stays relative to your business

3.                  Competition 
If your keywords have high number of searches and are relevant to your business, the last factor to consider is the competition that you have for your keywords. Keywords with extraordinary number of searches have a strong accomplishment for an advertisement in the first page of the search results.

After crafting your keywords, we need to insert them in the content at a number of different places. For the best impact, make sure the keyword is included in each section such as URL, Page Title, Header, Meta description and Body.

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