Thursday, 18 January 2018

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Competency demonstration reports (CDRs) are mainly required by Engineers Australia for qualification assessment for engineers migrating to Australia.
Here is how these basic principles apply to writing career episode reports for a CDR application.

Purpose of the career episode reports
The purpose of the episode reports in a CDR is to demonstrate to Engineers Australia you can apply you knowledge and skills at a level of a professional engineer, technologist or associate. The occupation you have nominated for immigration purposes
It is about providing detail of what you have done to show the Engineers Australia assessors you have the competencies given in the elements and sub-elements for the discipline and level you are applying for recognition as. These competencies are listed in the Appendices of the Engineers Australia Migration Skills Handbook.
Provide Engineers Australia the information they want
Engineers Australia want details.
· Details of YOUR thought processes and actions
·  Evidence of your actions and the results
· Details related to the competencies
·         Details for all sub-elements of all elements of all competencies
You must be able to relate every paragraph in you CDR to a competency element.
Analyse each paragraph to be sure it provides the assessors with evidence of things you have done to demonstrate you have all the competency elements and sub-elements.
Write in the language and style that Engineers Australia want
There is the English language, the Australian language, and Engineers Australia language. The Engineers Australian “dialect” for writing career episode reports is a prescriptive writing style.
With every sentence you write, ask this question – “Do these words tell Engineers Australia about something I have done personally; actions which show them I have applied part(s) of elements of a competency?”

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