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A speech is visual form of communication not with just one person but with a number of individuals who are part of the audience. It is a form of human gesture and the basis of written language which is portrayed in the form of actions. You know it’s a good speech when you are enjoying what the speaker is saying and the words that are being uttered is not only understandable but relateable. To write a good speech you need to follow these tips which will make you not only you a good speaker but your speech memorable.

    ·   Prepare in advance
    As soon as you know your topic, conduct the necessary research and add in your novel ideas to make it           professional and personal at the same. Once you start writing and organizing your words, new concepts will     come to you which will enable you to create a unique speech.

    ·   Create a Summary
    In a piece of paper, outline your main points which you would like to discuss in your speech. You       can add a statement or a phrase beside each point to remind you the order of your speech or which       aspect you are giving priority to. The idea is to not look at the outline and ingrain the main factors       in your mind so that you can speak to your audience confidently.

     ·   Have Eye Contact
    A good speech has its own language, structure and style. It is not something that needs to be read       but said. The tone of voice, expressions and examples play a large role in conveying the message         to the listeners. You need to create your speech in such a way that when your audience hear your         words, it makes sense to them. You also need to look at your audience or have eye contact with           them so that they will feel that the speech is tailor-made for them.

      ·   Be Goal Oriented
   Define your purpose in the beginning of your speech. You need to know what point you are addressing and how will you illustrate it to your listeners. You also need to have an idea of what reaction you would like to garner from your audience. Your speech is not only about the information that you are sharing but what you are getting out from it through your audience.
      ·   Remain Audience-Centric
     When you know who you are delivering your speech to, you will be able to write according to their needs and use the language that they are familiar with. The kind of audience you have will dictate your words, kind of jokes or phrases that you choose to use. You need to take into account who you are talking to and what are they enthusiastic about.
    ·   Start and End
   The beginning of your speech should be in congruency with the conclusion. Every speech is different but the start and end of your speech should be balanced with each other and should convey a specific point which showcases strength. You can add quotes, questions, tasteful jokes, anecdotes or case studies in the start and end of your speech which will add credibility.
    ·   Time Management
     A good speech takes into consideration the given time. It should not be so wordy or lengthy that when the time is over, you are not able to convey your point or bring your message forward. However the situation, the length of your speech should be in accordance to the time which will enable you to spread your message and make a definitive point.
     ·  Make it yours
   Your speech is you. It is what a portrayal of you and your message to the audience. You don’t have to be original or unique. You just need add personal touch of you in it so that the audience can relate to you which means that they want to hear what’s on your mind and heart.
   ·   Body Language
    The way you portray yourself says a lot about. Your body language is your reflection. Since your audience can’t see your speech, they rely on your mannerisms. Aside from your speech, your movement, hand gestures and facial expressions is what will draw your audience’s attention. Just be confident and believe in what you are saying.
     ·  Practice makes perfect
    Before you go in front of your audience, your mirror will be your best friend. You can recite your speech over and over again till you feel that you have perfected it. You can also rehearse your speech in front of someone you trust so that you can get appropriate advice on how to better your speech. In addition, que cards, notes or outline as a form of guidance can be used. To add a personal yet fun spin to your speech, you can make it completely spontaneous and engage your audience in a witty manner. provides best speech writing services in Dubai, Call us to know more about it 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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