Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tips for Writing a Product Review, follow us at http://writers.ae

The ultimate aim of a review is to inform potential customers about how good or bad a product or service is. This does not mean the reviews should stop at “avail/buy the product/service” but rather it should provide a comprehensive overview with justifiable examples on behalf of the person who has experienced the service or used the commodity.

Here are a few tips on how to write a review:

·         Give a brief description of the product / service – Before you even move on to trying the subject in question, identify areas of evaluation. You need to figure out what elements of the subject you are going to focus upon and build your review from thereon. For example, if you are writing a food review, assess the ambiance, the staff, the d├ęcor, and finally the food. This adds more body to your review and tells readers why they should try out the particular restaurant.

·         Add a personal touch – Including anecdotes or incidents that depict your personal encounter with a product or services spices up the review. For instance, you may have been so excited to go to the tasting session of a newly launched restaurant that you barely ate all day, and once you got closer to the location you found that the restaurant didn’t have sufficient parking spaces which left you feeling hungrier than ever. While this may be a negative pointer against the restaurant, it tells readers to be prepared for long waiting times or arrange alternative ways to get to the restaurant.

·         Know your target audience – Understanding the audience that would be reading your review will help you streamline your writing style accordingly. This not only ensures that your review hits the mark but is also enjoyed by the readers and is deemed as credible.

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