Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tips for Writing a Business Plan, follow us at

Writing a business plan is the first step for any entrepreneur to work towards increasing theire chances of survival. A business plan outlines the goals the business aims to achieve through its operations during a specific time period. This document can not only be used for personal use, but it is also a vital tool to attract the attention of potential investors. Here are a few tips on how to write a business plan:

#1 – Target your audience – Locking down your target audience will help you think from their viewpoint. It also assists in identifying the purpose of the business plan. Will the document be used to garner funds? Is it meant to showcase the growth chart of the company in the future? It is beneficial to customize your business plan according to the audience you are targeting as each segment would have diverse requirements.

#2 – Do your market research – A true business person would always do a thorough research before heading out into unpredictable territories. For a business plan, it is recommended that a market analysis is conducted in terms of market size, market growth, and market entry.

#3 – Include numbers – The inclusion of numbers in your business plan should be realistic and relevant to your industry. While you may have fixed costs in place and well forecasted, showing numericals which specify the expected sales volume highlight your plans of covering your costs. This increases reliability of your prospective business.

#4 – Focus on your executive summary  - For those who are short of time, an executive summary gives a brief overview of what is to come in the rest of the sections of your business plan. If potential investors are happy with what they are reading at the start of the plan, they will proceed to read further.

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