Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Product Description Writing – It is not as easy as it seems to be

Having an online store give your business a tremendous exposure, be it national or international. You can reach out to customers you have never imagined to encounter. You can offer products that you prepare locally or procure from cities unknown. No matter how you run business, there is one thing that most online retailers fall short of... its Product Description Writing.

Imagine a simple scenario:
  •       You visit an online store and browse through the product listing.
  •       The website has amazing photographs
  •       The website offers a huge array of color options and size options
  •       The website offer free delivery and urgent delivery
  •       You like the product and want to check out the product description and specification before you move to check out.
  •      You don’t find product description, with just 2 lines of product specification saying almost NILL about the product
  •        You look for other websites
     The inability of your website to cater to the most basic requirements of customers can turn your business down.

What can you do?
  •        Ensure that your products are supported with product description.
  •        The descriptions should not be lengthy, but short and crisp.
  •        It should be appealing and should motivate the customer to purchase the product.
What are the difficulties that you may encounter?
  •       Huge number of product descriptions to enter
  •       Huge time investment
How can WRITERS.AE help you?
You can outsource the job of writing product description in BULK to writers.ae and save time and effort. We offer professional copy writing services that allow you not only target your customers, but also, improve your on-page SEO through genuine and search engine friendly content.

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