Monday, 7 August 2017

Common Mistakes When Writing A CDR, follow us at

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is an important document for Engineers who want to be eligible for skilled migration visa in Australia. A CDR comprises of career episodes (CEs), summary statement and CPD. The main purpose of the career episodes is to illustrate the engineer’s talents and expertise to the reader. It describes your role in the occupation that you have selected for nomination in order to acquire Australian Skilled Migration. The report showcases your performance as an Engineering Associate (EA), Professional Engineer (PE) or Engineering Technologist (ET).

To write a professional CDR, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose of the CDR. You must provide all the significant information which is in line with the Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines and it must be written in such a way that is approved by the Australian Standards. The content must follow the parameters that is set by Engineers Australia. In order to prove your aptitudes, your past work must be accurately depicted in the relevant fields. By reviewing the Appendices of the Engineers Australia Migration Skills handbook, you can find out which skill set is connected to your occupation of choice.
Most of the engineers find the task of creating a CDR difficult and overwhelming. They don’t have the technical expertise or know-how of writing an appropriate Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Due to the lack of information, they write unsatisfactory report which reduce their likelihood of them getting the Australian Skilled Migration Visa. We have stated some of the common mistakes which you have to avoid when you are writing your CDR!
Mistakes to Avoid:                     
  • You need to avoid adding extra details that is not needed by Engineers Australia.
  • You don’t need to incorporate the work which has been done by the previous employer or team.
  • You don’t have to mention the history of the company which you work in. You need to focus on your role.
  • You need to avoid writing about the position and market size of your company.
  • You don’t have to give insignificant proof of your knowledge, expertise or skills
  • You have to provide adequate information that is required by Engineer Australia
·         You don’t have to describe your personal thoughts but state the details that is required by Engineers Australia which include:
    • Information about your role in the projects
    • Evidence of your skill-based on results
    • Incorporate details related to your proficiencies
·         You need to make sure that each paragraph provides vital information to the assessors
·         Your report needs to be written in Australian English.
·         You need to guarantee that the Engineers Australian “dialect” is in prescriptive writing style.
·         You need to certify that the following characteristics are incorporated:
    • The writing style is personal and must use the word “I”
    • You must write in active voice.
      • Example: I measured, I planned, I calculated, etc.
    • Your language must be simplistic
    • You must avoid claims without proof
    • You must only present facts and substantiated details
    • You need to include engineering capabilities and involvement
    • You don’t need to provide unnecessary calculations, lengthy descriptions and too many pictures

If you want your CDR to be done in a professional manner then you need to share your information with the experts who will create original content which will be of benefit to the assessors and will allow them to judge your abilities in the most accurate level. At, we ensure that your CDR is authentic, original and plagiarism free. To know more about our expert writers and Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) writing service in UAE, please feel free to contact us at 043554850 or leave an inquiry at


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