Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Why have e-newsletters become a great marketing tool?

In recent times, most companies have started realizing the potential of sending e-newsletters to their clients. Content marketing is at its peak and businesses are exploiting its potential through e-newsletter. Earlier, physical distribution of newsletters were a trend which was successful to a great extent. But with the electronic medium taking over the world, distributing newsletters are no longer existent. With newsletters taking the electronic form, marketers across industries are exploring various options to effectively this marketing tool. Content is definitely the king and the most important element of the newsletter. But making the content useful to the consumer which in turn can accentuate sales is the main challenge for the marketer.

Another obstacle companies have to deal with is the possibility of the newsletter hitting the span folder instead of the inbox. Hence it extremely vital for you to gain the trust of the user and motivate him to tag you a reliable source. E-newsletters are also a great way of branding your company and its products. By making the newsletter interactive by adding a coupon or a sales discount, you can effectively engage your customer and motivate him to wait for your next newsletter.

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