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Product description is a structured format of writing which illustrates the necessary information about the product. A convincing product description encourages the consumers to purchase the product which is the primary objective of content or copywriter. Oftentimes, the content or copy writer makes the mistake of only describing the product without exploring the primary objective which is to sell the product.

 We have listed 8 simple ways in which you, as a writer, can write a convincing product description in which you can persuade your readers to buy the product.
·         Concentrate on your target
When writing a product description, you must give your primary attention to your product’s ideal buyer rather than focusing on a crowd of buyers which will make the brand look to vague. If the product is for general use then describe using specific words and if it is for a particular group a core description will be needed. Make sure that you are conversing with your clients instead of giving them an indefinite presentation.

·         Showcase the benefits
Entice your readers by not only talking about the positive side of the product but the benefits that they will receive when they use the product. In order to do that, you need to highlight the features of the product, link it to the user and illustrate the feelings garnered with this product to add a personal element. In this part, you are not only selling a product but an experience.

·         Avoid vague words
You need to be specific when you are describing the product. Using superlatives words without the proof to back it up will make the readers lose interest in your description and make them feel that the product is not trustworthy. When discussing each point of the product, talk about their quality or acquisition of patent. Justify your superlatives by providing specific proof or testimonials from customers to add credibility.

·         Entice using visuals
It’s been proven that when your customer’s hold the product, the chances of them buying it increases. But if you are an online seller then to sell your product virtually, you need to add high resolution images or videos. Another trick is to play with their imagination by letting your buyer imagine how it will be like if they owned the product.

·         Use short stories
To make your description more interesting, use short stories. Write about the materials that the product is made of, who is the one creating it, where did the creator get inspiration from, how long it took to formulate it, what obstacles the makers had to face, how did they overcome their difficulties and what process was used to test the effectiveness of the product.

·         Develop sensory words
As a writer, you need to engage the different senses of the body depending on what kind of product you are dealing with. By using the right sensory words, you increase the processing power of the brain. Utilizing certain sensory adjectives like smooth, crisp, bright or velvety have the power to increase the experience of the reader while reading about your product which entices them to actually purchase it.

·         Sneak Social Proof
The buyers, at times, don’t know which product to purchase and this is when the social proof comes to life. Social proof are suggestions that pop-up in the browser when you are seeing a particular product. The product that the customer purchases usually have the highest positive reviews. Therefore, when you sneak in a social proof which may be in a visual form of a similar product or customer testimonials, the buyer will surely be enticed.

·         Make it encouraging
Whether your product is compelling or not, your content must be. It helps when you design your product description in such a way that appeals to your customers. Hence, you need to make your product description not only reader friendly but visually appealing by creating stimulating headlines, easy to read bullet points, white spacing, and large font size.

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