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How to Start With Your E-Book? follow us at http://writers.ae

An E-Book, also known as Electronic Book, is a digital version of a printed book which consists of texts, images or both. It can also exist without a printed material. It is readable on the computer and particularly designed for handheld or e-reader devices.  Listed below are significant points to help you start writing your E-Book.

1.       Develop your idea
If you have an idea in mind, develop it. Develop as many ideas you want but pick the topic that sells because you need to give what your audience wants or what they are looking for. The question that may come in your mind is “How would you know that?” The answer lies within you. You need to observe what is going around and what sell. Once you get an awareness of that, start working on your idea and make it a reality.

2.       Write down your idea
Write down all your ideas and pick the best which will help your work sell. A great e-book needs to be specific and useful. You don’t need be so definitive that your readers will know everything and you will have no scope for your next book.

Also, do your research. Find out what readers and other writers want though blogs and articles. Make sure that your work useful to the current demands of the people. Try to build to build your topic and keep the reader tuned in so that they will look forward to your next chapter and eventually your next book.

3.       Create an Outline
With an outline, you will be able to know where you are going. List what chapters you want, what key words you want to include and what points you want to expand on to give your e-book depth and character. You need to know what you want from the book or what purpose you want to achieve. Along the way, you can change some parts but at least you know that you are getting somewhere.

4.       Design a mind map
A mind map directs you to your destination. Place your prime idea or choice of topic in the center and start adding more concepts and words that are related to your line of work. Connect those using arrows or lines and add as much as you want. You can stream line the mind map later but for now you need to build it up.

5.       Continue your research
See what is out there. Examine other books and e-books that are similar to your work. Observe their writing style and how they conveying their message so your work stands. Your work should not be a copy of another work so you need to continue your research to ensure that you are producing something that is authentic and original.

6.       Work on your E-book
Once you have everything in place, start writing your e-book. Be focused and motivated. Avoid any distractions such as your TV, cellphone or internet connection for a period of time. If necessary, use a timer so that you can stay on track and measure your breaks. If you are stuck along the way, you can highlight or underline it and get back to it later so your time won’t be wasted and you train of through of wont be lost.  

7.       Edit your work
No matter what happens, don’t stop writing. You can add words or edit it later. When you are done with your writing, re-read your e-book and then you can change or refine your words during the editing stage. If there are any parts that you have left during your course of writing then fill in the missing information.

8.       Finalize your work
Give yourself a few days for re-drafting of your e-book and make sure that you have covered all the place. Look out for confusing sentences, misspellings and missing words. You can cut unnecessary sections or paragraphs to make your work look more crisp and up-to-date.

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