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Tips for Writing an Executive Summary, follow us at

An executive summary of a business plan or in a report summarizes the contents of the document for those who may not have sufficient time to review the complete information. Generally, executive summaries are one page in length or 10% of the original document. The executive summary contains only the key points of the document.

Here are a few tips on how to write an executive summary:

• Define the structure of your summary makes a good starting point for your executive summary. The structure includes an introduction, body, and conclusion with a smooth flow between all sections with relevant information in place. Establish the core areas of the project and elaborate main points by positioning them in order of importance. Segregate the project into logical sub-sections which are easy to handle. 

• You can categorize your project in the following ways: logical, sequential, ascending or descending order of significance, specific to general, or branch and classification. Select the method that is in accordance with the subject, reader, and intent of the project. Utilize your organizational structure as a framework for your executive summary.

• Executive summaries use particular standards. An executive summary does not require a summary paragraph. It also does not reflect personal evaluations or statements. To ensure efficiency in the written content, it is best to write the summary as though the reader will not read the entire document Edit your material with precision so that your reader recognizes the focal area of your project. Ensure that explanations to unfamiliar words are also given.

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