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How to Write an Employee Handbook: Key Points, Follow us at

Employee handbooks are created as a mode of communication between the management and employees in a written format. A well-written employee handbook showcases the expectation of a company from its employees and the expectations of the employees from the company. It defines the legal obligations of the employer and rights of the employee. It is a guide to all the individuals who are working in the company. It serves the purpose of being a distinctive manuscript that holds the rules and procedures to be adhered by each and every member of the organization.

To make an effective employee handbook, you need to include the some of the following topics which are listed below.

·         Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Conflict of Interest Statements
In this section, you mention the use of an NDA which may not be necessary but when you make an employee sign an NDA you protect your company’s trade secrets and propriety information.

·         Compensation
In this section, your legal obligations on overtime pay, pay schedule, performance review, salary increases, time-keeping records, breaks and bonuses will be expounded upon. 

·         Work Schedules
In this section, the policies regarding your work hours, schedules, attendance, punctuality, guidelines, telecommuting and absences will be described thoroughly.

·         Standards of Conduct
In this section, the employee’s dress code, ethics and mannerisms will be stated. If the company is affiliated with the government then the employee’s legal obligations towards the company will be explained.

·         General Employment Information.
In this section, an overview of the business and general employment policies which covers the employee eligibility, job classification, employee referrals, employee records, job postings, probationary periods, termination, resignation procedures, transfers, relocation and union formation will be given.

·         Safety and Security
In this section, include the health and safety policies of the work place which should be in compliance with the safety and health administration’s laws that requires the employees to describe accidents, injuries, safety hazards, suggestions and related issues to the management.

·         Computers and Technology
In this section, policies regarding the appropriate use of computer and software, procedures employees should follow to secure electronic information and acquisition of personal identifiable information collected from the customers will be elaborated.

·         Media Relations
In this section, the employees will be explained the process of handling calls from reporters or different media personnel.

·         Employee Benefits
In this section, the benefit programs and eligibility requirements will be explained in detail. It outlines the list of optional and lawful benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans and wellness programs.

·         Leave Policies
In this section, the company’s leave policies is elaborated which includes emergency leave, sick leave medical leave, military leave and other different types of leave. In addition, the policies pertaining to vacation or holiday is explained.

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