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To be an effective writer and get your word across to a large number of individuals, you need to follow these 10 business letter writing tips.

  •         Review the Words

As a writer, you need take into consideration what you want the reader to understand so that he or she can take the essential action. For that, you need to review your letter and take out any unnecessary words that does not help the reader. You need to avoid repetition of words or statements and be specific on what aspect you would like to emphasize. 
  •         Be Goal Oriented

Your words maybe concise but they don’t need to be incomplete. You need to make sure that your letter has the important information to achieve your goal. It tells the readers what they need to know to take the desired action. You need to come across as tactful and polite for them to read your letter completely and give you an appropriate response.
  •         Utilize Action Words

Adjectives and adverbs have the ability to enhance the content of your letter but nouns and verbs gives body to your words. They are what makes your readers believe in you. Instead of using a lot of descriptive words, it is better to use a few of them and back them up with actions words so that the readers are assured of your commitment.
  •         Use Active Voice

When you us an active voice, the reader believes that things are happening. It makes the reader feel important for without their approval, consent or presence, the task is not possible to complete. If you choose to use passive sentences then the reader believes that things are done and people have already acted upon it which makes them feel unnecessary. By using active sentences, the reader can act and the writer can interact.
  •         Be Concrete

Write as if you are conversing with someone. But instead of being more casual, you need to be more distinct, precise and concrete. At the same time, your tone of voice should be courteous to grab their attention. For the readers to understand you, use the simplest everyday language and avoid abstract concepts. Every idea or proposal of yours need to back up with an example so the readers can trust you and you can gain credibility as a writer.
  •         Grab Attention

Make your writing short yet sharp. It should be direct to the point but it shouldn’t lose the meaning. To make your work more interesting, links two or three sentences together with commas, semi-colons, dashes and other compound words. By doing that, your sentences will not look alike and the reader will be enticed to read the whole business letter.
  •         Focus on the Readers

Write to your readers and make them part of your conversation. You need to remember that they are not children that need to be explained each and everything but smart adults who are uninformed. Through your letter, they will be guided and they can act upon your words. So focus on your target which are your readers and give them what they require.
  •         Be Positive

Use positive words to attract the readers. They attention is not dependent on your mode but tone of voice and positive use of words. Negative statements like “don’t,” “wont,” “shouldn’t,” “not,” and many more make the readers disinterested with what you are trying to portray. By using an optimistic language you make them feel that there is hope and what they are reading is actually worth considering.
  •         Make it Believable

To make your letter believable and understandable, you should make use of a precise technique and clear facts. You can refer to books which will help you write correctly by ensuring your spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation. The facts are basically presented by you and the letters are the records of your discussion with the readers. Therefore, for your letter to be believable, use writing techniques that are commendable and facts that are believable.
  •       Be Distinct

A good business letter is clear, concise and distinct. It is concrete and not open to interpretation. Your letter is not intended to be a mystery story, novel, play or poem. Therefore, keeping suspense, using too many descriptive words and adding a whole lot of information is absolutely pointless. You need to write what you mean. Your sentences or statements should only say one thing since you are conveying one message through your letter. If you do that then the reader understands you and your work is a success. offers premium business letter writing services in Dubai. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry at

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