Monday, 20 March 2017


Business letter writing mainly has two goals which is to make people understand your words and to get them to act on those words. When writing a business letter, your efforts must be geared towards what specific action you want your readers to take. This action can come in form of buying the product or availing the service, confirming a decision or accepting a proposal for partnership. To write more effectively and to say what you mean, you need to make your readers act according to your words which you have portrayed in your letter.

A business letter is structured and accurate but it also shows that it is written by a real person. You can add a personal touch through your clear yet eloquent conversation with the reader. A number of writers use complex or one-sided language without taking into account the wants of the reader. For your business letter to stand out and for you to be recognized, you should definitely use a structure but take the preferences of the readers into account and choose your words accordingly so that your words have more depth and meaning.

As a writer, you need to explain what your letter means. The specific subject matter must be clearly depicted. Individuals who are reading your letters, faxes, e-mails and notes do not know your body language, tone of voice or facial expressions for they cannot see you personally. Your letter represents you: your voice, expression and action. To get through your readers, you need to write as you speak keeping the reader and the message in mind. You should write as if you speak at your best. To be more precise, it is when your words, sentences and paragraphs are more defined and courteous than your everyday speech. offers cutomized business letter writing services in dubai. To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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