Friday, 30 December 2016

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10 Tips - Part 2
By: Poonam Menghrajani

We have listed below a list topics that can be included in your newsletter which has been divided into 4 parts. For now, enjoy in Part 2 and the rest will follow.

1.      Letter from the CEO, President and Founder
-       Changes that the company has gone through (past and present)
-       What are the future endeavors

2.      Company/Market/Industry Analysis
-       Where the company has been and where it is going
-       Connect to the readers with their achievements

3.       Customer Service, Client Relationship or Partnership
-       Talk about the company and what it does to improve or enhance client or partner relations
-       Describe what your company will be doing for them
-       Shout out to great clients

4.      Growth and KPIs of Industries
-       Talk about the numbers
-       Show transparency in different companies

5.      Seasonal Tips or Advice
-       This part is good for seasonal articles or newsletter
-       Choose topics relevant for the particular season
o   Example:
§   Health: Dangers on one’s health in a particular season
§  Accountants: Money management over the holidays

6.      Announce Upcoming Events
-       Announce shows, events or schedule of different events
-       Showcase webinars or training sessions

7.      Book or Movie of the Week
-       Talk about a particular movie or book
-       Highlight what it has to offer

8.       Event Recaps
-       Post an article or video of what was shared previously
-       Re-state it once again if its important or ongoing

9.      Thank you Section
-       Thank the customers and/or employees
-       Link it to photos
-       Announce the amount of profit or kind of appreciation
10.  Tips Section
-       Write tips to overcome a particular issue or on topics

-       Provide inspiration on what is around you 

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