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Ø 10 Tips – Part 1
By: Poonam Menghrajani

To write an effective newsletter, specific goals must be set and certain points which you deem important for your organization must be included. A newsletter must serve its purpose and highlight the image of the company. It must inform the readers about the creativity, quality and enthusiasm of the people that are part of the firm. It must disseminate information, encourage unity, motivate individuals, and increase the company’s morale. It is an economical way to reach a wide range of people in timely manner.
We have listed below a list topics that can be included in your newsletter which has been divided into 4 parts. For now, enjoy in Part 1 and the rest will follow.

1.      Case Studies or Success Stories
-       Success stories of people
-       Emphasize the metrics of why something was a success.
-       Importance of a successful campaign and the reasoning behind it,
-       Application of the concepts to their own experiences

2.      Question/s of the day
-       Create an article that answers a particular questions about the product or Problem.
-       It can focus on different industries
-       You can either write it in a question format or list it down in bullet point format

3.      Expert Advice
-       Write your own column in the newsletter about current events, news or any topic that interests you
-       Share opinions, best practices and novel tactics

4.      A Survey Invitation
-       The readers to fill out your survey or questionnaire
-       The answers will be showcased on the next newsletter

5.      Create a Quiz
-       Create a quiz every month on different topics
-       Display the answers below

6.      Monthly Blogs
-       Create blogs on the topics that have been written
-       Use new articles to entice the readers
-       Recap old blogs and/or articles

7.      Reviews
-       Write a review of companies, books, movies, music and/or shows

8.       Industry News/Exhibitions
-       Major events happening in the month
-       Follow the current trend

9.      Personal Profile Spotlight
-       Focus on a specific person or team
-       Showcase their accomplishments
-       Highlight the employee or employer
-       Talk about the organizational or their structure
o   Example: Profile of a personal trainer/graphic designer

10.  Emphasis on Work
-       Write about a particular work/job/career
-       Highlight the specific duties and/or responsibilities

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